Numbers for Chaz Day in Brisvegas

November 2, 2011

Well I’ve blinked and suddnenly its only just over a week to go before I head of to Brisvegas for business……

Anyway could i get a brief soundout for those who’ll be coming to the Claret House a week on friday (ie 11th November)

Confrimed are:

Sue H
The Scribe

Damian & his good lady wife
Monster Yuppy



Joanna (redRoo) just confirmed

Possibles are
Girl Clumsy
The Wah
Dan Beeston

SpyNat (yes don’t all laugh too much!)

So any more for any more?


Chaz Day in Brisvegas

October 14, 2011

So it is now less than a month to the highlights of Brisbane’s cultural year.

Chaz Day on the 11th November & the premiere of Simon Bedaks theatre adaptation of John Birmingham & Dirk Flintharts “How To Be A Man”. This piece of outtsanding and sensitive drama will be directed by the lovely Natalie Bochenski as is being produced at the Brisbane Arts Theatre. So go and see it, but don’t take anyone of a delicate disposition.

Bedes is in charge of organising drinks and a meal before the premiere so its just up to me to organise Chaz Day.

I’ve booked an area at The Claret House in Tenerife

 I’ve got the following commits (sort of) so far:


John Birmingham

Janet Leach (possibly plus David) but i have it on good authoirty that if Janet cannot make it that Fashionista extraudinaire De De Zign will attend.




The formidable Quokka and ‘im in doors


Sue Hetherington & hubby

Therbs (up from the emerald city)

It is going to be a evening of erudite discussion and moderate drinking..err or maybe not!

All are welcome as long and you pay for your booze and I’m trying to negotiate a package deal for food so fairly accurate numbers would be useful.

Chaz Day in Sydney 2011 Final Calls

August 23, 2011

Well its just under a week until I’m in Sydney.

Chaz Day drinks are at the Angel hotel from 6pm (on Monday the 29th)

Then I’ve booked a table at The Chophouse for 8:15

So far ..


Therbs, Lermontovv, BondiBoy66 (maybe), Squire Bedak


Therbs, Lermontovv,

If anyone else is around let me know esp for dinner.

looking forward to seeing you all this coming Monday

NaNoWriMo is getting closer

August 17, 2011

After only managing 10% in last years NaNoWriMo I’m determined to make a better show of things this year.

Therefore I need to start prepping about now so I can start writing from the word go.

Am at a loss though what to go for this year.

A, Sci-Fi


B, Fantasy

taking a quick rest from

C, Apocalytic Horror

decisions, decisions……..

Chaz Day in Sydney is coming!!!

August 9, 2011

After my flying visit to the City on the Harbour in May & the canceling of our trip to Argentina for later on this year. I (and no doubt many of you Sydneysiders) was worreid that we wouldn’t be able to celebrate Chaz Day this year in Sydney.

Fear not, for the stars have become right yet again!

I’m attend an Industry conference in town during the last few days in August, so all is not lost!

Evening of Monday 29th August is the date

suggestions for a meal as follows

The Cut Bar & Grill

The Chophouse

Prime Steak restaurant

or in this age of possible GFC 2.0 do we go for cooking our own at Phillips Foote?

What are your thoughts?

Thoughts on the upcoming Carbon Tax revelation

July 6, 2011

So this Sunday the PM will deliver on prime time TV (well on ABC at least) her much awaited Carbon Tax plan. You remember the one she said would not happen whilst she was Prime Minster.

That we have got this far is a miracle, as all the Government’s ‘partners’ have been heartily sick & tired of the governments constant dribbling of information in-order to gain some sort of vague superiority over the Oppositions quite effective negative campaign against the tax. Although the Greens finally managed to slide the knife in by organising a press conference themselves proclaiming their disappointment that petrol would not be included in the Carbon Tax, however their price for that will in all likelyhood mean that non-business fuel will be affected by a carbon tax/price within the next three years. So putting the boot into the PM’s claim that it will never happen (much like a carbon tax then eh Prime Minister)!

My problem is not with the fact that we will be having a Carbon Tax (some of you will note that I’ve supported such a tax for a while now). My problem is with how it is being orchestrated and how the Prime Minster has deported herself on the matter (I’m leaving the Opposition’s  position out of this for the moment).

The PM can dissemble all she wants, but in the end she made a statement about the possibility of the Carbon Tax under a government she led. Added to the fact that it was she (along with our great world famous treasurer) who helped kill off the ETS, I cannot she why she and the ALP are surprised that outside of their few remaining strongholds there is now a groundswell of distrust about anything she says. Once the minority government was formed the PM should have made it crystal clear that part of her ability to form said government was an understanding with the Greens that she would seek to legislate for a carbon tax before the next election.

But she didn’t, so even if there is no negative aspects to the C-tax the voting public are unlikely to forgive & forget.

My other big problem with this policy is that it should be about changing how the public and business treat energy use. This should mean the following:

  • Making electricity more expensive
  • Making fuel more expensive & penalise larger non-business vehicles (yes urban 4WD & UTE owners I’m looking at you)
  • Making it uneconomic to maintain brown coal based power stations and mines.

To offset this any policy should:

  • Encourage R&D into renewable energy sources.
  • Encourage (or enforce via the BCA) that all new buildings have solar panelling to help offset energy use. This would also provide enough demand for panels to be made once again onshore rather than importing from other countries.
  • Encourage the use of power efficient appliances, along with making the costs of usage clear (in $ and cents).
  • Utilise the majority carbon tax funds to develop a sovereign fund to help with the above along with water use (Murray-Darling basin anyone), and general sustainability programs.
  • Encourage mass transport programmes (such as high speed links down the east coast).
  • Subsidise the energy consumption of those who are not able to pay (but obviously base this on energy usage, so no using that 50” plasma grandma).

The government should not be claiming however (as they are at the moment) that we will not be significantly out of pocket by the new legislation. This is for the following reasons:

  • Firstly we need to change how we act and so the stick of higher power & petrol bills hopefully will encourage us not to have big energy hogging appliances and cars. Also if the market bombs for these items then designers will look at more energy efficient models.
  • Consumers do pollute (sometimes directly sometime indirectly) therefore the consumer should contribute as well as the primary polluters.
  • It is naive in the extreme to assume that the primary polluters will not try and improve their margins when they have to start paying the C-Tax now the question is will the money the guvmnt is shoving our way cover those increases? I think we all know deep down that costs will continue to rise. So the electoral bandaid that are the tax offsets and direct bungs are unlikely to potential gaping wound.

In the end however we do need to see the reality of the policy and proposed legislation, which the PM will provide us on Sunday.

Unfortunately I feel it is already a failure.

Tony, Julia & Kevin. The Odd Couple of Menege a trios!

June 20, 2011

The Mad Monks move to try and have a plebiscite on the Carbon Tax is a smart piece of politics but a dumb move. It’s smart as he knows it’ll be applauded by a voting public that is seemingly tired with the current government and it’s policies. It’ll also be applauded as ‘sound reasoning’ by the Shock Jocks & the bottom dwelling filter feeders that read rags like the Daily Telegraph & the Sun Herald.

It’s dumb however as the government has no need under the Westminster system to seek popular support as long as it continues to receive support from the Independents and the Greens one MP.

But this is where it becomes a smart move again as the government has shown itself to be a past master as not being able to defend its position in a manner understandable to those who are not APS’s or Pollies. Also its smart, because a true progressive party would not hesitate to go to the nation on a matter of important legislation like the Carbon Tax for which it dismissed out of hand just days before last years election. But the ALP ceased to be a true progressive party many, many years ago. Julia & her Senior Ministers know that their grasp on power is tenuous in the extreme and thanks to Tony Abbotts constant electioneering, poor press and the fact that the legislation is looking like a dogs breakfast anyway, going to the voters would mean that the Carbon Tax would die a death.

There is a school of thought that states that the ALP’s desire to remain in power no matter what is good as it keeps the Mad Monk out of power. It is a continuous argument that is rehashed every day in the Comments pages of the Fairfax and ABC websites. It misses the point however that no matter what the ‘informed’ believe to be correct the ‘people’ have the right to vote how they like, and yes that means that we might yet see the Mad Monk as PM *shudder*.

This is where the next strand of this polluted little passion play comes in, at a time where the government is even more unpopular than the Rodent ever was (well according to opinion polls). It is nearly a year since our glorious Foreign Minister was removed from his previous position as Prime Minster by a collection of pollies and union powerbrokers who believed that Kevin 747 was an albatross around the neck of the Party. One can almost imagine Shorten doing a Terry Jones impression before a select band of caucus and union leaders “he’s not the Messiah he’s a naughty boy!”.

How they must have larffed!

Surprisingly The Boy Kevin has not taken his Caesar-like removal well & his current harping on & media appearances have reinforced his dislike of the PM & her supporters. The fact that he was planning to hold a party this week to commemorate his removal, shows clearly that he wants to make the party suffer. Also he believes that the PM will do nothing against him as she ‘knows’ he will resign, so triggering a bye-election which will mean the effective end of the current government.

So Kevvy can do his little song and dance routine and remain untouchable, whilst Julia’s popularity continues to drop. That Kevin seems to self delude himself that the party will remove the PM before the next election is indicative that he is still surrounding himself with yes men. His supposed damascene acknowledgement that he was a less than perfect PM, made it abundantly clear that this piece of humility is more based on his greater popularity than the PM as leader of the ALP (again according to the opinion polls), than a self realisation that he was elevated above his ability.

I still believe that the right thing for the ALP would have been not to try and form a minority government last year. It could have used the post election period to reform itself & start developing in depth some real policies to take to the electorate. Unfortunately though the movers & shakers in the party and it’s affiliated organisations, could not face removing their snouts from the trough of power and patronage.

In the end though what does this mean for us, the people who these great & lordly members of the Political Class allegedly serve? It means that we will get more and more anger against the government as it is perceived by the majority of voters as being disconnected from the realities of normal life. It will also mean that the government will resort to more and more desperate measures to try and score votes. So although the QLD ALP have voted for ‘mixed’ marriages, don’t expect gay & lesbian marriage being on the cards at the ALP conference. Julia needs the conservative Christian vote. So the ‘Malaysia Refugee Solution’ will go ahead if the Malaysians agree to the deal (even though the benefit to Australia will be minimal). As for live meat exports the government is in the cleft stick but will likely back down. It’s lost the farming vote almost completely now after the Murray-Darling debacle & now this.

Oh and the reform of the party? Forget it.

And on the sidelines Kevin will wring his hands and brief against the government whilst spending ever more time abroad & the Mad Monk will run around with his box of matches. Could be worse though at least we’ve got another mining boom on the way & we’re not Greece!

Chaz’s royal progress in Victoria..well almost

March 28, 2011

Transport wise this visit to Melbourne ran very well.

No delays on the flights, managed to baord really quickly. The downside was I got old 767’s each time so no choice in movies, so did a fair amount of reading.

Also the skybus was there waiting so made good time into town, another plus being no rain!

Got a good appt overlooking Movida & Earl Canteen, but unfortunately no flying fox to get me to either venue quickly :((

Lunch was a rather excellent roast pork bagette from Earl Canteen with a gorgeous salted caramel and dark choc tart to finish. I have to say that this place always seems to produce consistantly excellent food, and is a major reason to stay at the Mantra on Little Bourke.

Dinner was with JP, Soprano Grrl and JP’s young brother Jesse at an indian restaurant in Richmond. Also got to meet a work collegue of SG’s an up and coming tenor.

Chaz Day arrived and I had a great course on Office Interior Fitouts (which may not float your boat) the content was well presented, and the tutor was this hawt Russian woman which helped!

After the course finsihed I met up with Guru Bob and we went to this italain place for a reasonable lunch washed down by a cheeky Soave. So Chaz Day has really started!

Next up was Battle: Los Angeles which was not nearly as bad as expected and although it had a few minor technical errors it was worth scoring as well as a DVD buy when that time comes.

Then it was time to hit the pub and so we went to this little Oirish place just around the corner form the Mitre before heading to the desginated meeting spot.

And there we waited Guru Bob & I. Bug Naut turned up just after six but there was no sign of anyone else. Allegeldy Havsy has said he was running late and so was going straight home (wuss).

Then Bangar appears foirm deeper within the confines of the Mitre saying that He, Mayhem & Albion Love Den (better know as Ben) had been there for nearly an hour!

Anyway we made up for lost time until half seven when Naut had to go home. We then flowed accross Bank place and down into the Curry Vault.

The Dinner was reasonably priced and enjoyable. I knocked back most of a bottle of wine whilst everyone else went for beer. Mayhem made her excuses and went only to be rpelaced by Ben’s lovely wife (she helped me finish off the wine).

After dinner Bob, Bangar and myself went off in search of more booze but it being a tuesday night the CBD was quiet, so Bob got a taxi and Bangar & I went back to the oirish place until closing.

The next moring was a bit bright (for some reason) but the next course was not too hard and then it was tiem to meet up with Barnes and Guru Bob for lunch. in the end we dined at this swish place near to the library where most of the waitress’ seemed to be french. The food was a bit spare but all in all everything easy on the eye! I gave Barnes this pack of high grade coffee that I got specially for him (in WA) before we went our seperate ways.

The rest of the afternoon I spent chilling out with a bit of book purchasing. Had aquiet night in watching Tron: Evolution and then flew back out the next morning.

I felt it was a great Chaz Day and it was good to finally meet up with Ben & Mayhem. Havsy still hasn’t sent his apologies so better be badly injured of something! Bangar, Barnes and GB it was ever a pleasure to have some food, drink & a chat.

Anyway next up is probably Brisvegas unless ome work comes up in Sydney.

One Week to Chaz Day

March 15, 2011

Just to confirm numbers for Chaz Day next week and a general plan of action.

Meet up at the Mitre Tavern from 18:00 on TUESDAY 22nd March. Then pop across the road to the Curry Vault for a ruby at around 19:00.


Havock (if he can remember which day of the week we are all meeting)


Guru Bob

Ben (better known as Albion Love Den)

Mayhem Mischief who’ll be attending her first Chaz Day

Tony Naut will be there for one quick drink (hopefully)

Definite no shows

JP, Orin (has a very good excuse as he’ll be in the US at the time), Barnes (as his lad has some sort of school/training session)

Don’t know if we’ll get any blow-ins.

Looking forward to it people as its been a long time since Sept.

Chaz Day in Melbourne 2011

March 4, 2011

Well only a couple of weeks until Melbourne gets to feel my special luurrvv!

Am in town for 2 Green Star design courses on the 22nd and 23rd.

We’re looking at celebrating Chaz Day on Tuesday the 22nd March.

Relatively early kick-off as its a school night and all…

Now as to a venue.. I was originally thinking of Squires Loft but after finding (to my horror on my last trip over) that they use a baste. I think we can safely kick that into touch.

So I think the following are possible:

Mitre tavern (as we had a good meal there last year)

Cookie: lots of people watching

Curry Vault: opposite the Mitre and now viable option as Havsy has finally admitted to eating  ‘foreign muck’

What say you all?

BTW for those of you are are calendarly challenged the 22nd March is a TUESDAY!! (you know who you are)