How thin skinned is the ALP?

Like alot of the Lucky Country residents who inhabited jspace, i sent a letter of complaint to the PM, Sen Conroy (minsiter for miscommunications and censorship) and my MP S. Smith (a fifth wheel as foreign minister as Kev 24/7 now looks after that stuff).

 The nature of the compalint? Well the instigation of a national ISP filtering programe that would bugger up this countries already crappy broadband system as well as the possible serious consequences for freedom of speech.

The tests are about to start and still everyone in the industry is slagging off the plans.

Well i finally got a rpely fron Sen Conroy, it wasn’t very perosnable ie no “Dear Chaz , many thanks for your letter..etc etc”, no it was a four page ‘fact sheet’ putting forward all the reasons why our new giovernment sees the need to spend out tax dollars on something that will not work but the gov will not admit that they are worng (as it was an election promise). Then to add insult to injury I got another envelope for the good senator yesterday.

So we have two options here either

A, The man in charge of making our internet more like Iran’s or China’s has an incompetant staff team


B, The government has received so many complaints to it’s various members that it is now policy to send the same response to everybody who’s complained, no matter who they’ve written to.

I can’t think which is worse considering how much our current administration is lauded to the heavens.

Also just to show how much the ALP loves discourse about it’s ability to ruile (either at a state or federal level), I noticed this..

One has to wonder how long it will be before we see Kev and his  little helpers behaving like their collegues in the British Labour party and we see MP’s offices being raided because civil servants start leaking more embarassing facts about their screw ups…



One Response to “How thin skinned is the ALP?”

  1. BigBadAl Says:

    Bastards! Raid em anyway, just in case.

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