Peace and Goodwill..yeah right

I was going to do a little piece about my Xmas but that can wait a few more days i think.

It’s nice to see that between Hamas, Iran and Israel President-Elect Obama will not be bored in the first weeks of his presidency in the new year. Of course in the short term this latest example of mans inhumaity to man is purely Hamas’ fault they run a tight ship in Gaza and there’s no way that any group could launch the amount of Qassam rockets and mortars from the Gaza strip without their OK. 

Of course Israel has taken the bait because they have an election in Feb and security is as ever a major electoral theme. So full marks to Hamas in creating a nice little hell on earth which has nicely cast th IDF as the bad guys. The announcement that Hezbollah has been setting up 122mm rockets just north of the israel/lebannon border means that there’s another element to this little tete-a-tete.. and that is Iran, who fund both Hezbollah and Hamas.

And there is the main (hopeful) winner to this passion play. Iran also has elections next year and the president want sot be relected. Now usually that means heavy bribes to the havenots in the small towns and villages, but since the oil price has come down Mr A. has obviously been looking at alternatives and a nice little war between Israel and Irans proxies (which politically speaking Israel will always lose) is the most obvious and also it takes heat off Iran because of its illicit nuclear aims.

So it’s going to be an interesting tiem over the next few months. Oh and what about all those civvies that are dying or being wounded by either side? Well Hamas doesn’t care about the israeli casulties and as for their own Civvies? Well they are martyrs for islam..even if they didn’t ask to be.


4 Responses to “Peace and Goodwill..yeah right”

  1. sfmurphy1971 Says:

    I think the Israelis should just line up enough armored plows side by side and start advancing toward the sea. The Gazans can either swim, jump the wall to Egypt or get plowed under.

    I do not have any sympathy for those people.

    Obama, I’m sure, will react by cutting Israeli aid in lieu of their recent actions.

    On the Outer Marches

  2. yankeedog Says:

    The Middle East has been a sore spot for it seems every major power since Julius Caesar’s Rome. It seems like the only way there’ll be peace over there is when the the last two residents strangle each other to death.

    A good analysis of the current situation-Iran is in a world of hurt right now-oil prices are down, a lot of the common Iranian people are tired of their government’s antics, and Mr Ahmedinejad needs something to divert the people’s attention. What better way than to poke at Israel and have some other schmuck’s kids be martyrs?

  3. karada007 Says:

    Oh Chaz I don’t know this coming year seems a bit bleak but I like surprises…you get any coloring done lately? 😉

  4. chazfh Says:

    K I ate my crayons they tasted strange…..

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