An true Aussie Christmas

I often get the idea that many of the O/S readers esp to Jspace don’t quite get what a true Xmas should be. None of this cold and snow (unless you’re unlucky enough to live in Melbourne in which case you could get a bit of both worlds!).

Christmas is about eating, drinking, cricket and messing about by (or on) the sea.

Christmas started early this year (about 7 am) and as the SS Chaz is currently still not sea worthy….


It was necessary to do other things. So it was off to be healthy and having a brisk morning walk and take in a bit of urban tranquility. So Marcela and I wandered down to Herissen island a little island in the middle of the Swan River with great views of the city. It’s a lovely little place and also has a small mob of grey kangeroos.

Had a chat with a ranger who’d also popped down to make sure that no ferals had wrecked the palce the night before and then communed with some local marsupials


and then it was time for some food….to-dinner

I guess all you foreigners know we’re the only nation to eat its national emblem?

Anyway had a good feed and drank a fair amount. In time to sober up for Boxing day and what should have been a humilating defeat heaped on South Africa’s cricketers…well yes needless to say what Cricket Australia should have wished for Xmas was a new team. :((

Hope everyones Xmas was good and enjoyable and as it’s now NYE I wish you all a great New Year.

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23 Responses to “An true Aussie Christmas”

  1. BigBadAl Says:

    A bit out with your predicted Cricket result Chaz… :~(

    Communing with you lunch, nothing better.

    All the best for ’09 Mate.

  2. chazfh Says:

    Whats that Skip…you shouldn’t be served with herbed butter?

    BBA yes very dissapointing, no doubt Lerm will pontificate about it later

  3. drej08 Says:

    have a good one Chaz!
    looks like JS is gone for good. Who’d a thunk it? Wonder where we all go from here….

  4. chazfh Says:

    Marc i’ve got no idea, it’s all very dissapointing.

    I’m not that impressed with this place but what are the options?

    Have agood one yourself and no drunken skinny dipping tonight lots of salties waiting for that !!!

  5. abefrellman Says:

    Hey chaz,

    Happy New Year.

    Hope you’re in commercial r/e? From memory you are. Take it easy.

  6. bangarrr Says:

    Enjoy New Years (and the year to come), thanks for the heads up.

  7. chazfh Says:

    Abe yep but we’re hurtin too!!!

    With jspace down forever drop me an email looks like we’re regrouping at FB for a shortwhile….

    Bangar have a good one.BTW you haven’t been hanging around Jspaces offices have you? That sort of thing usually only happens to you!!!

  8. bangarrr Says:

    It does but I’m certain my powers are affected by range so not me (wouldn’t mind the name of the ex employee though).

  9. abefrellman Says:


  10. chazfh Says:

    Face book, Abe

  11. Flinthart Says:

    Facebook sucks like a ten buck hooker with the US Sixth Fleet in harbour. Yes, I have a page there… but I studiously try to avoid it. Nice to see you found a place to play here, though.

  12. Girl Clumsy Says:

    Hey Chaz – I’m just tracking down all of the J-Space refugees!

    I’m on Blogger over at Hope I might see you there every now and then!!

    Appreciate all your comments in the past, and wish you all the best for 2009.

    Cheers, Natalie.

  13. Moko 2.0 Says:

    DOOD. Happy new year to you.

  14. jennicki Says:

    Christmas with the marsupials! Sounds like a good one to me! Good to see you again Chaz!

  15. chazfh Says:

    FH, this is just a shack before our mega gang fortress is built as gets off the ground. FB does has some uses but not many.

    Nat, I’ll catch up with you at asap

    Moko, the same back mate, not enougn intelligent conversation here IYKWIM

    Jen, glad you’re back in the frame see you later.

  16. yankeedog Says:

    We do have several states here that eat their state symbols-Maine and Wyoming (Moose and Bison, respectively), if that counts.

  17. drej Says:

    Chaz, been down the golf course lately? You know, down Rockingham way…? 😉

  18. chazfh Says:

    Funnily enough i was down there on Sat to do soem shark baiting..sorry snorkling.

    i hope they catch the wanker who did that and really maul him badly.

  19. jennicki Says:

    Hey Chaz I think I may have forgotten to drop my addy…I’m at if you ever want to stop in for a visit!

    Jen 😀

  20. nautilis Says:

    What about the rest of the food, that is wayyyyyyy to small for xmas day?

  21. chazfh Says:

    Naut it was for 2 of us and the roast potatoes, carrots and parsnips and peas etc werre cooking on the hob. the single hasselback was an experiment that didn’t really work. Not to mention the yorkshire puds!!

  22. karada007 Says:

    Cute Kangaroo…so when are you posting those pictures you colored? 😉

  23. chazfh Says:

    K they got lost in the great Jspace extinction….

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