‘Changing Climate, Changing Times’




Watched “Changing Climates, Changing Times” last night. What a load of crap.


It’s was naïve, badly written and pretty unbelievable.


Lowlights were


·        Postulating a global population of 10 billion in the face of changing weather patterns, errr can’t see that happening more likely to see a decrease in population due to widespread crop failure.

·        The EU still allowing immigration form Africa. Again not going to happen in the end Europe would look after it’s own first, widespread weather pattern disruption is going to affect the economy which will in turn hurt jobs. So importing workers from elsewhere with growing unemployment just ain’t going to happen.

·        No mention was made of Asia, South America or Australasia. In fact the Seppos barely got a mention either.

·        No evidence that someone hasn’t clicked that it would be an idea to transport groundwater from area that receive excessive rainfalls (example given Hamburg) to areas in Europe that are suffering drought (example given in programme Bordeux)

·        The possibility of a maglev style train running from equatorial Africa to Europe over the Med. Small hi-tech sat phones being available to extremely poor villages in Mali but having real problem using the same sort of phone in the middle of Canada.

·        It claimed to use the most up to date modelling and yet made no mention of the Atlantic conveyor and the effects the melting of the ice caps had had on the thermocline and salinity gradients.

·        No real mention was made of resource conflict or


In all it came across as more of a climate change soap opera, which offered a vague hope of us not having to deal with this ‘prophecy’ if we change our habits, as usual missing the point that the ‘West’ is changing it’s attitudes to climate change but ti is the developing nations who aren’t and probably won’t.


2 Responses to “‘Changing Climate, Changing Times’”

  1. savo Says:

    Sounds poor. Avg global temp (as measured by satallite) is lower now than in 1988 when Dr Jim Hansen made his major debut before the US Congress telling all who would listen that the ‘sky is falling’. But that’s bye the bye, did it mention malaria?

  2. chazfh Says:

    Savo, no, that was the thing no real mention of the spread of tropical diseases. Lots of locusst in the french vinyards though. you’d have thought that by 2075 pest control would be better….

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