Dinner on the 5th, 19:00 hrs

Ok, I’ve booked the table, and so far we have

Me, Havock, GB, Simon, Barnes, Bangar, Naut, JP (Uncertain).

if we stay under 10 people we may get the ‘private’ dining room.

Anymore hopefuls out there?


9 Responses to “Dinner on the 5th, 19:00 hrs”

  1. bangarrr Says:

    Put Minx down as a possible as well.

  2. Moko Says:

    I’ll tell the Jehovah Witnesses it’s an Amway meeting and to drop by.


  3. chazfh Says:

    Moko, envy is such a sad emotion!!

  4. Guru Bob Says:

    I spoke to Barnes at lunchtime and he was keen. Has anyone gotten in touch with Orin yet?

  5. chazfh Says:

    GB I asked him earlier on this week but he has not got back to me

  6. 0r1n Says:

    Put me down as a possible – though it will be health depending (believe it or not, I’m down 20 kg from when you saw me at the vietnamese place)

  7. chazfh Says:

    Orin not a worry, are you ok? or is the weight drop planned?

  8. Nautilus Says:

    I just spoke to JP and he is deep in deadline mode so I reckon he is very unlikely. He said if he gets it done early he will make a cameo, but I have never known an author to finish before a deadline.

  9. chazfh Says:

    Naut that is why publishers give writers deadlines….

    okay so we’ve got

    Minx (maybe)
    Orin (maybe)
    JP (if the stars are right)

    I’ll chase up the venue to see if we’ve got the dining room or not.

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