No.6 has left the Village

and the plane has left Fantasy Island.

So we’ve lost two great actors Patrick McGoohan & Ricardo Montalban. The former best known for his spy roles, the latter best known  for making peoples dreams come true.

Patrick McGoohan though will always remain a fave of mine having  loved ‘The prisoner’ when i first saw it in the ’80s. But also I’ve spent spent many good times walking around Portmeirion.

So goodbye to two men who really made their mark. The irony is both did very well in the USa but neither were Yanks


One Response to “No.6 has left the Village”

  1. yankeedog Says:

    McGoohan-I’ve never seen ‘The Prisoner’, but I must give it a look. I’ve heard a lot about it.

    As for Montalban, there’s only one word-


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