Do we need to change when we celebrate Australia Day?

‘Australian’s of the year’ tend to embrarass the PM of the time, Johnnie boy had this happen to him alot. But the Boy Kevin has just had it happen to him with Mick Dodgson calling for the date of Australia day to be changed.

The theory behind this call is simple, to  our indigneous community the celebration of the start of the european colonisation of Australia (symbolised by the arrival of Gov Philip at botany Bay) is a continual insult and marks the decline of their culture as we europeans took over the land.

Of course the Ruddbot will have shat himself with how ‘ungrateful’ Mr Dodgson was , hence the very dismissive tone coming form the Gov. Is this another potential fault line in the ALP that will open up in the infighting that is sure to occur within the next year as the recession bites and kev 24/7 becomes more unpopular?

But should we change the day? Now there are people out there who dislike the imagery of the day on all levels. Unsuprisingly the philosphers of the left (who helped push the ‘invasion day’ idea back in the 80’s) would have a collective orgasm about such a change, just as the right would have a collective coronary. However i feel this all misses the point. Such a change would need to be put to the people and to be honest i think the response would be a reounding “we want the day to stay where it is”.

From an neutral point of the view the date is symbolic as the start of the steps leading to Australia become a nation state, I can understand the opposition to it as part of the ‘terra nullis’ theory but sure we have moved on form that idea a long time ago. The symbolic statement of “Sorry’ has been said and the slow and arduous task of reconciliaiton moves ever slowly forward. However painful (allegedly) the date is to the indigenous community, the reality is that they form 2.5% of our population.

To me I feel that bridging the health and education gaps between our communities is more important as is formulating a federal policy that improve the lot of our indigenous population generally. 

And on that note happy Austrlaia day everyone I’m getting ready to put half a sheep on the barbie and drink some cold ones.

5 Responses to “Do we need to change when we celebrate Australia Day?”

  1. Nautilus Says:

    I don’t have a problem with changing the date. I tend to pick my battles and this is not one I would concern myself with.

  2. maggsworld Says:

    This strikes me as a “They have given us an inch so let’s see if we can jerk them around and get MORE….” the crux being it is ever and increasingly more… it is what it is. let’s get on and look FORWARD deal with issues as a whole nation not looking back and getting lost in what is past. I have irish antecedents; this is a bit like me looking for an apology from someone who starved a distant relative of mine.

  3. chazfh Says:

    Naut, so you’re in the ‘as long as we still get a day off camp” then eh?

    Maggs, yes we have to look forward as a unified nation. however there is a strident school of thought that says we have to pay for the sins of those who went before.

  4. Jane Goody Says:

    Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is a lot more than I expected when I stumpled upon a link on Furl telling that the info is quite decent. Thanks.

  5. chazfh Says:

    Jane, it’s four mins of typing a few more thinking. I’m glad you thought it was ok

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