Private or Public dining?

To all those planning on meeting up at the Butchers grill next thursday night at 18:30 hrs (for a 19:00hrs start).

If we take the private dining room there’s a minimum spend of $70 per head is that ok with you all?

Orin is still uncertain about turning up

JP’s probbaly going to be too busy

Minx has not been in contact to say she’ll be around

So it looks like being just seven of us. But I’m sure it’ll be an evening to remember!!


36 Responses to “Private or Public dining?”

  1. Nautilus Says:

    Does the $70 include grog?

  2. Guru Bob Says:

    I’ll be there no matter what or where we are. Are there any plans for an earlier pre-dinner get together?

  3. Moko Says:

    If you get a bomb scare… wasn’t me.

  4. chazfh Says:

    Naut yes total spend…

    GB not that i heard from the others. my course finishes at 5. i’ve been told i’ve got to take a laptop so i’ll want to drop that off at the hotel first. I thought we’d have an aparetief at the restaurant before taking our seats unless you’ve got a better idea?

    moko, an insy tinsy bit jealous are we? Did anyone else see the “Blue Smoke” on Food Safai on weds? gotta hit that when marcela and I are over in Brisvegas in march.

  5. Nautilus Says:

    Yeah I am good then. I’ll have the complimentary bread roll and $70 worth of your finest cheap grog!

  6. bangarrr Says:

    No problems here, looking forward to it.

  7. Lermontov Says:

    Didn’t catch the show. Some people love it – although a mate of mine who lives down the road from it, reckons that the service is shite.Never been myself so take the above with a grain of salt.

    Sounds like it should be a great night with the Vic crew.

    I’ll offer some restaurant options when I get back to the office.

  8. maggsworld Says:

    I am sure a good time will be had by all. Sorry I can’t make it THIS time. But beware, one of these time’s I shall! Maggs

  9. Big Bad Al Says:

    Go Public. I want to read about it in the news on Friday morning. Especially the bit about 7 people refusing to leave a restaurant during a bomb scare.

  10. Guru Bob Says:

    I was hoping for a drink and photo with the stuffed Rhino down in the ‘tarted up’ Carlton Hotel… which is just down the road – however am trying to juggle and get out of work commitment until 6.30pm – which seems to be heading my way at a great rate of knots.

  11. Nautilus Says:

    Hey a group photo with the Rhino would rock! Maybe after dinner, isn’t the Carlton open 24 hrs.

  12. chazfh Says:

    GB we could always got there for a quick beer after the meal. Commitment? how dare you use the ‘C’ word on this blog!!!!!!!! lerm will faint if he reads it…

  13. HAVOCK21 Says:

    Trust a WESTRALIAN to pick these UNCERTAIN ECONOMIC TIMES for Top O the range…bloody hell!.

    YESSSS, I’ll be there og course, in Safari Jacket espesh for that PIC. thats a WED Right?..

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!, just had a proper read, how fucking dare ya make it a THURSDAY NIGHT..fuck gfuck, fuck!. OK, I need a plan B, to catch up with ya you feral. Thats co’s I have Under 16’s to train on Thursday night, then seniors and then Selections to do. FUCK FUCK FUCK. Ping me later this evening on line. Fucking bloody, can’t time shite west tralians. HSIT! AGAIN!

  14. Guru Bob Says:

    Damn – they got me – have to stay in at work until 6.30pm so no pre-diner drinks for me – see you at Butcher Grill – what time again?

    H – we all agreed on this time and date many moons ago…

  15. chazfh Says:

    GB it’s a 19:00 sit down. So you’ll be right, last in gets the seat by the toilets!!!

    ‘H – we all agreed on this time and date many moons ago…’ GB no this is funnier than when i first mentioned this nearly a month ago and he though I was referring to that thursday despite having an email title of “4th or 5th of feb”!!!

    Look guys just in case our estimed colleague cannot make it on the thursday are we all ok for me to change the date to the wednesday? Just so that I know? otherwise we’ll be down to 6 and the room will be much quieter!!

  16. Guru Bob Says:

    Wednesday works for me as well…

  17. chazfh Says:

    Ignore me I’d forgotten that Simon was making the trip specially and it’s unfair to mess him around

  18. LERMONTOV Says:

    Brissy Rest worthy of your custom

    1. Wilsons Boathouse – best seafood in town. The one at Hamilton is more expensive, but it is more central and the interior is nicer. It is on the river, but just near the passenger ship terminal – don’t ask me why, they are just fucking tools. If you and the wife have wheels – then Manly is the more picturesque location. Seriously good food. And a few decent bars to frequent if you choose Hamilton.

    2. Restaurant 2 – get it? Just near the botanical gardens. Consistently good food. Excellent service. Decent location.

    3. Vino’s @ Eagle Street Pier – an underated gem. Quite cheap and one of the best views in town. Has a nice ambience, primarily due to its former life as a nightclub where there was a particularly gruesome killing.

    4. Brents – in an inner city suburb – but, it is BYO. A great dining experience – be sure to book.

    5. Cha cha cha – best lambs’ brains in town – nuff said!

    Hope these are helpful

  19. chazfh Says:

    Thanks lerm.

    Ever been to Ecco? I met and briefly chatted to Philip Johnston seems a nice guy.

  20. LERMONTOV Says:

    Yah – went yonks ago – never met PJ – tables v close together & I mean v close together. Almost like dining with the table next to you. Food excellent – but, I couldn’t recommend it simply due to the propinquity of fellow diners – ditto Montrachet, which is the ‘buzz’ restaurant in town. Le Belle Epoque is one I left off the list – simply because I didn’t want you to get too close to your old enemy. But, if you like French food – v worth it (not that it is Chez Ami Louis – but it tries).

  21. havock21 Says:

    OK, FUCK IT, i’ll be there and not train or do the right thing. OK!, things we do, but YES. I am made of KEVALR.


  22. Nautilus Says:

    That’s what assistant coaches are for H. Tell the ass it is time to earn his keep.

  23. chazfh Says:

    Havock think of the august company you’ll be keeping!

  24. havock21 Says:

    yeah, i would say A ROSE amongst THORNS, or Intellectual giant amongst pigmys

  25. Guru Bob Says:

    Okay so still Thursday and Mr Bedak will be there as well – now we’re cookin!!

  26. chazfh Says:

    GB Yep stil thursday, will give simon a ring just to reconfirm tomorrow.

    H. I look forward to you putting that POV to GB on thursday!!!!

  27. chazfh Says:

    BTW has anyone heard from Minx?

  28. Guru Bob Says:

    No sign of Minx on blogger or wordpress last time I looked – she did leave a note here a while ago though…

  29. Nautilus Says:

    I am probably going to take the train in, so if I am late it is because it is too hot and they have cancelled 1,000,000,000,000 trains.

  30. chazfh Says:

    Naut just remember last one in sits near to the toilets!!

  31. HAVOCK21 Says:

    yeah, I shall bring a step ladder.

    Do you remember that scene in Bad Boys where the computer hacker stands up and speaks to Martin Lawrence, he then says ( looking a longggggggg way up). I will bust ya arse or some shit like that. Apart from that, I suspect its very similar. I’ll get a kneck injury and somfin tell’s me BEDAK is no midget either.

  32. Guru Bob Says:

    Bedak ain’t that tall – he is sort of built like a tank though – something to do with digging holes for fences?

  33. HAVOCK21 Says:

    hey, whats the dress code at this establishment..thongs and shorts or do i have to wear pants and collar.

  34. chazfh Says:

    smart into that what you will… I’m just wondering if the Squire will be wearing eau de bullpoo

  35. simon bedak Says:

    Gents, I will see you there. Public, private, I couldn’t give a fuck.

    As to what I look like and my proportions, I was meeting a shit-hot glamour mate of mine named Cordelia at Sydney’s Judgement Bar. Great place, absolutely packed. Anyway, the barman found me despite the crowd and told me I had a call.

    “Cordo, what the fuck? This joint’s packed and the inn-keep’s found me. What did you say? That I’d probably be the only prick in here among the arts student scum wearing a suit and tie? What was the code?”

    “No Bedak,” she said from the running-late & other end of the phone, “All I said was that you were a chunky looking Romanian kind of guy and he spotted you instantly.”

  36. HAVOCK21 Says:

    mmm smart Caz hey. Boots, Jeanss and Bluey..whohoooo

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