Something very wrong here…

Over the weekend there was a real tragedy at one of our annual summer festivals. A young attendee of the Big Day Out saw police were using sniffer dogs and so panicked and took the exstacy tablets she had in one hit. She then died of an OD brought on by out 35C+ weather and the other effects of the tablets. Me? i’d have disposed of the drugs before the doggies reached me. But then i saw this..

WTF?!!! We are talking about controlled substances here (rightly or wrongly) it is illegal to purchase or possess them, and some idiots (the greens as usual) are saying the police should do less in combatting what is a crime (and leads onto other crimes).

Now i’m no wowser, having had my share of white powder, a few pills and smoke and I would never have argued for de-criminalisation.

This girl made a stupid mistake and paid for it with her life. however the police should not be blamed for her actions which in the end were the result of her knowingly breakuing the law by purchasing the tablets that ended up killing her.  In the end if you want to take a potential dangerous drug you should have no argument about the police doing their job and upholding the law.

What say you?


10 Responses to “Something very wrong here…”

  1. uamada Says:

    She should have given them to her friends or the people around her if she didn’t want to chuck them. Yeah so i think it was the dead kids fault. Not societys, not the cops – hers. Drug education is everywhere – including stuff that says if you want to do this shit – do it safely. She was 17 old enough to drive and one year off voting.
    But that said it was still a tragedy

  2. LERMONTOV Says:

    Perhaps we could start drugging our kids at an earlier age (say 13) so that they build up some tolerance to the chemical components. Then they may be able withstand the effects of dropping a couple of pills simultaneously. Much like old Mithradates of Pontus is said to have done with poisons. Food for thought.

    Or perhaps she was a follower of some bushido like code – where she knowingly drugged herself to death rather than face the shame of a slap-on-the-wrist possession charge with no conviction recorded.

    Or maybe she just didn’t like the music?

    It is sad on a personal level no doubt. But, perhaps fortunate in the sense that she never got to vote.

  3. Nowhere Bob Says:

    Drug law reform is one of my hobby horses.
    Disclosure – I walked “the Dark Path” for quite a few years, I lost one of my best mates to a speed debt gone bad and almost lost several others to smack OD. 15 years ago SWMBO threw me a lifeline and I’ve done my best to be a good upstanding member of society since. I still skin-up at appropriate times and enjoy it with no / few ill effects.

    In this particular instance the lady made a catastrophically bad decision. Probably as a result of the impaired decision making resulting from the pill she had already taken.
    Teenagers do stupid things. Daily. Sometimes hourly. Be it have unprotected stranger sex, get in a car with a drunk driver, trainsurf, climb a flag pole to steal an ABC flag from the Toowoong studios (what?), or “superman” on the roof of a car doing 80kph.
    Recent neurological studies have shown that young adults brains are not wire like adult brains – they are learning, developing, growing. They simply are not wired to make rational decisions like adults – further tests sugest that damage from early alcohol consumption further retards this development.

    Some comentators will lash out at the police.
    Others will attack the girl for being foolish.
    Neither is helpfull, nor will they bring comfort to the bereaved.

    While I would support a free “no questions asked” quality assay service as is offered in some Dutch night clubs, I really see no opportunity to prevent this kind of tragedy.
    The gear is unlawful to posses. While this is the case the cops are entirely right to identify and prosecute the holders, distributers & consumers. If there was to be a relaxation of the laws relating to the gear, then perhaps this particular girl would not have behaved as she did, but she would have certainly exposed at least 3 others to the very real risk of hyperthermia & dehydration.

    In this instance, it would seem to me another terrible tragedy that we all wish we could prevent.

    Blessings to the friends & family of the lost one.

  4. LERMONTOV Says:

    @ Nowhere Bob – surely this is no place for the voice of reason! But no doubt you have the rights of it; particularly here

    “In this instance, it would seem to me another terrible tragedy that we all wish we could prevent.

    Blessings to the friends & family of the lost one.”

  5. NowhereBob Says:

    No it’s not but don’t call me Shirley

  6. Guru Bob Says:

    I have been known to do numerous stupid things both as an adult and as a teenager – but I tend to agree with Chaz on this one. The real issue is with the ‘anti-sniffer dogs campaigners’ (which sounds like a vested interest group for drug dealers if I have ever heard of one) who are presumably adults anyway (or at least gen-Y) and probably are part of the whole ‘blame anyone but me culture’ we have these days…

    It was a stupid thing to do and it is a sad lesson for her friends.

  7. maggsworld Says:

    Soun ds to me like she had already taken sufficient drugs prior to swallowing her stash!! I suspect blaming the police and their sniffer dogs for doing what they are paid to do is a bit rich!!

  8. Nowhere Bob Says:

    Aye Guru, if only my stupidity was restricted to my yoof.

  9. Dr Yobbo Says:

    Looks like Birmo’s lighting up on a similar theme, but a different slant – he’s declared war on the war on drugs

    I’d just add to NBob’s comments that the new pro-vice chancellor of research of my uni (a notoriously hard headed top notch psych researcher) reckons the brains of even early twentysomethings are still wayyyyy underdeveloped in terms of risk aversion and decision making. Of course this doesn’t answer how we stop them making a lot of stoooopid decisions (or whether we just throw our hands up and say ‘Bugger it, natural selection will sort it’ (as it must have done over the past couple of hundred thousand years – and in fact must have selected FOR this sort of behaviour, otherwise it wouldn’t have persisted – presumably the risk takers were the most likely to climb down from the trees and seek humankind’s fortune).

  10. LERMONTOV Says:

    Comically – the batch of ectasy that killed her was know as ‘Green Hearts’ – the dirty Greens – I blame Bob Brown

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