never again…. well maybe…

The flight over on wednesday was a breeze. The airport shuttle to perth airport was a load of crappola. Anyway the trip over the Bight went well and we actually arrived a few minutes early. The shuttle bus from melb airport to the CBD  was on time and showed yet again how far behind Perth is in even basic things like transport (although I ‘ve been advised are trains are better!!).

Spencer Street station is only a couple of mins walk to the hotel i was staying (Mantra on Little Bourke) and yet again I’m impressed with the service i received there and the quality of the studio rooms. I quickly popped out for some soft drinks before heading over to Fitzroy to check out some of the restaurants I’d been recommended.

I settled on Ananda a tapas restaurant on Gertrude st. Vanessa (the owner) and the waitresses were great and I felt right spoilt. Lerm would love this place as both the female staff and custiomers look good enough to eat… iw as very good and only had a couple of glasses of a rather cheeky Rose before heading back. Stopping off at a pub for a quick drink on the way.

Marcela decided to stay late at work so I in turn waited up until she got back home (being the good husband i am) So did not hit the bed untiil nearly midnight. i was up bright and breezy the next morning and headed off to the Melbourne Museum for the course. I liked the museum as a venue and the food we got during the day was good.

The course was not quite what i expected being more about office building design that the operations side of things. What helped it along was the presenter who was very funny and kept things flowing. Now green building design is not everryones cup of tea but the case study where we had just under 2 hours to design a ‘green’ office block on a brown field site and then present the design was great (i presented for my table). I’m definetely starting to think it’s a direction i should more towards once the big R is over.

Anyway we ran late so i had to scurry across town to get changed and made it to the Butchers Grill dead on 18:30 to find Bangar already there. the restaurant itself was pretty schmick in a kind of a fin-de-siecle Vienese Bordello sort of style. next to arrive was havock dragging along Naut who was going for the hard pressed businessman look having arrived sans tie. Shortly afterwards the good squire bedak made an appearance (clearly wondering if he’d made the right decision in turning up after seeing our ugly mugs).  However after it became clear he’d been hitting various Gentlemans clubs all day. he clearly didn’t care anymore. Last but not least was Guru Bob.

GB, Havock & Squire Bedak

GB, Havock & Squire Bedak

The waitress was an absolute gem and controlled us nicely. The four bottles of wine were followed by some liquer that we all knocked back before stumbling out into the balmy melb night.

Bangar and Naut

Bangar and Naut

Platters of food

Platters of food

Naut and our Lovely waitress (picture blurred to protect id's

Naut and our Lovely waitress (picture blurred to protect id's

Aftermath (picture blurred due to alcohol

Aftermath (picture blurred due to alcohol

We had planned to visit ‘the Carlton’ in order to parade ourselves under the stuffed rhino head (..for some reason). however the doorwalahs decided we were not nice people and refused us entry saying they didn’t allow suits after 9pm! Incredulous but for soem reason still in need of alcohol we headed a few doors down the road to ‘The red Violin’ (?) which looked pretty dodgy but they still let us in. it was here I made the first big mistake of the night by having a single malt neat.

We moved on after one drink with Naut heading off home (but not before giving me my voucher for one of the strip joints on King Street). Guru bob then took us to some baroque bar in a cellar for a final drink which is where I made my second bad decision by having some absinthe.

As time was getting on we egressed from the cellar and headed off out seperate ways. Strip club voucher being safely ditched so Marcela wouldn’t find it. So I got back to the hotel around middnight. Drunk as a lord.

Needless to say when i got up the next morning I felt like shite and then had this meeting in the CBD at 09:00. Once that was over it was back to pack up and head off to the airport. The flight back was delayed due to the water on board being contaminated..

The perth shuttle was crap again.

It was great to see Havock, GB and Bangar again, as well as getting to meet Naut and the Squire. I would recommend Ananda and also the BG. With hindsight I’m going to leave of finishing the night with spirits…

Note apols for the pics i hate cameras on phiones i should have brought my proper camera.

Looking forward to my next trip. BTW Bob, please could you scan the bill i need it for my tax!!

16 Responses to “never again…. well maybe…”

  1. Moko Says:

    lol cool.

  2. bangarrr Says:

    They are great nights out. Wonderful food and company. I had a wander around the town for a bit, ended up in Lygon Street and caught a cab home next time I’ll stay in the city.

  3. LERMONTOV Says:

    Sounds & looks like a solid hit out. It is strange that it is enjoyable to read about people that I have never met, dining with other people that I have never met. The power of blogging I suppose!

    Re the spirits at the end of a night. I’ve become a believer that ending the night with straight liquor is fine if, and only if you are at your house, a friends house or your club. Too many things go sideways otherwise.

    I’ll have to check out Ananda next time I’m down South. And loved the phrase “fin-de-siecle Vienese Bordello ” – very descriptive!

  4. Dr Yobbo Says:

    I dunno about staying off the spirits. Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

    Christ that was awful. I’ll get me coat.

  5. chazfh Says:

    DY, I felt very bad on friday so I’ll hang off the spirits for a while i think.

    Lerm, ‘Too many things go sideways otherwise.’ another reason why I binned Naut’s very kind gift!!

  6. LERMONTOV Says:

    ‘I felt very bad on friday so I’ll hang off the spirits for a while’ – until Brisbane!

  7. chazfh Says:

    lerm, I’m only being let off my leash during lunchtime though!!

  8. maggsworld Says:

    Have to laugh Chaz – no photos of a drunken Chaz surfacing somewhere in the future in a *wink winkl* place a la ruddbot? looked fun!! Musrt do it mnsyelf sometime – fancy the company of said old boiler?? Maggs

  9. havock21 Says:

    maggs, the next time he is OVER I will be staying in TOWN. I promise to get some…..Interesting shots of our man CHAZ.

    It was a great night BTW

  10. yankeedog Says:

    Oh my! You lot look like a bunch of white-collar criminals. Or some back-room political machine. Meh, same thing!

    Sounds like a good time was had by all. Good to be able to put a face with a name!

  11. chazfh Says:

    Maggs’ you might be able to get some live feed of me tacking down little bourke street from the traffic camera’s!! You’re more than welcome to come along to the next meet and then maybe a feral of burgers can all hit one of melb..or sydneys adult hospitality establishments. I’m sure it will be an experience for us all!!

  12. Nautilus Says:

    Hey Chaz, it was a good night and a pleasure to meet you and Simon!

    Next time I will not arrange an early flight the next day, maybe even take the day off. Maybe i will get really smart and avoid the thing altogether!

  13. Nautilus Says:

    BTW you seem to have an a lot of photos of me, is there something I need to know?

  14. chazfh Says:

    Naut, I was hoping for something incriminating but just didn’t luck out!!

  15. Nautilus Says:

    Hmmm, my haircut has been described as “criminal”.

  16. chazfh Says:

    Only in a fashon sense!!

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