In time of need, religion offers short shrift

I saw this in SMH and to be honest it made me want to puke.

I hope that this ‘churches’ various offices will receive the full righteous ire of those affected by the bush fires in Country Victoria. I sincerely hope that the senior members of both the Catholic and Protestant chruches rigourously attack this alleged ‘man of god’ for his quite inhumane words.

Talking of alleged men of the cloth making waves, I note that the Pope in all his wisdom has re-ordained a Holocaust denier. although the seminary (out side of BA) that he represents has quickly sacked him


8 Responses to “In time of need, religion offers short shrift”

  1. LERMONTOV Says:

    I guess even idiots have the right to their own opinion – no matter how unpalatable. Sadly they get the vote. I think that we need a dictator; namely, Me!

  2. chazfh Says:

    ‘I guess even idiots have the right to their own opinion – no matter how unpalatable.’ since when, god Lerm you see a couple of girls a couple of times and you start going all airy fairy on us!

  3. Moko Says:

    Someone needs to pop round and abort that fucker with a bat.

  4. chazfh Says:

    I see that Vicar Rudd has declared Arson an ‘evil’ and so no doubt will be added to another war for him to fight on our behalf.

  5. yankeedog Says:

    Damned abortionists and gays- first 9/11, now this! I knew their wicked ways would eventually attract the righteous Wrath of our loving God!


    Now I suppose it’s a matter of taste for Moko’s abovementioned beatdown weapon-I reckon you guys would take to a cricket bat, but I prefer your classic Louisville Slugger Graig Nettles model baseball bat. Nice heft, balance, and weight.

    What a knucklehead that pastor is. Shackle him up to dig firebreaks, too.

    Don’t let idiots like him turn you off to the good work I should hope a lot of churches will be doing there.

  6. yankeedog Says:

    Oh, and that Holocaust denier is an idiot, also.

  7. Nautilus Says:

    I blame all religions, aren’t their Gods supposed to control this kind of crap?

  8. maggsworld Says:

    God – control..religion… they all figure here. I shan’t get out my soapbox here as many have done this above on my behalf. We share this world with these people. maybe they are a different species ( as yet unidentified?) Maggs

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