bugger Germaine Greer and I agree on something!!

Who’d have thunk it? The great Hampstead harridin and I agree on soemthing. Which is surprising consdiering she tends to cast her arrows of criticism regarding her homeland from her ivory tower in the intellectual heartland of London amongst her fellow latte sipping hand wringers of the left.

It is doubly surprising after her last missive, a diatribe about how men  from our indigenous groups are not really responsible for the violence, abuse and alcoholism carried out by certain of their number, and how the females of our first Australians have betrayed their menfolk by demanding protection, and laws banning alcohol from their communities from the whitefellas.

Anyway lurking in the webs ether was this


So there you have it for once the stars are right and GG and I agree on something. To be honest i feel dirty….


8 Responses to “bugger Germaine Greer and I agree on something!!”

  1. Moko Says:

    How does this huckery old bag of wind make it to the headlines?.

    It’s like me moving to the Amazon and having a running commentary on Un Zud’s policies towards the indigenous population.

    Shut your fucken hole you cow.

    …but GOD DAMMIT if she’s right. A stopped watch is right twice a day too but…

    She bought a title yet?.

  2. HAVOCK21 Says:

    Firstly, how the fuck did this rusty walking archaeological piece of skin clad bone get a fucking gig here.

    I Digress. YES, its echoing other more AUSTRALAIN like thoughts already aired.

    You know my call on this, its NOT FUCKING ROCKET SCIENCE. Back burn, burn off and clear the fucking trees from ya house. Let people IN the fucking bush and now, I think its high time we HAD GREENIE SEASON…COME ON, LET GO HUNT THE FUCKERS.

  3. Nautilus Says:

    I agree at a conceptual level, but the problem is that it would be quite difficult to safely burn in the Kinglake National park.

    I think it is the right idea that is much easier to say than do.

  4. chazfh Says:

    Naut the issue is having a dedicated programme in conjunction with improved planning codes and none of this having to have trees growing almost on your porch.

    In the edn with a balanced plan of action you reduce the risk but the risk is never going to go away.

  5. HAVOCK21 Says:

    ok. I’ve taken me MEDS again.

    Over ten years ago, we had a systematic approach to fire fuel reductions burns, on a scale significantly larger scale than that which we now utilise. I should actually say, DID utilise, because in light of recent and ongoing events,, we may well with a fair degree of certainty migrate in some fashion to the program size, we had historically.

    Its basically like eating an elephant. One bit at a time. We need to do everything in a co ordinated fashion. Thats allow the individuals for whom the bush is home, the opportunity to clear sufficiently the forestation, so that in the event we have a reoccurrence like those fires of recent, they stand a vastly improved chance of not only protecting their property, but more importantly their lives and that of their loved ones as well.

    Then, when conducted in tandem with fuel reduction programs in the surrounding bushland we start to get the edge over fires. Thats not to say we will never have significant bush fire events in the future, as global conditions migrating to a more extreme level may have pushed these events into the pre ordained realm already.

    However, what people have not significantly considered yet is that we do not need to do fuel reduction burns or clearing exercises across the full spectrum of our native bushlands coverage. Merely, in those areas where we see an increase in habitation levels by people we ensure that we develop a significant barrier of Lower threat level bushland from a fire intensity perspective. This essentially creates a lower threat zone around houses. Deep within our alpine and bushland reserves where we have no significant population we may well decide its more prudent to let nature take its course, this exposes our emergency services personnel to a greatly reduced risk of injury or death and husbands our emergency resources for defence of assets which have a higher value and are more easily defensible.

    Does that make sense?

  6. maggsworld Says:


  7. maggsworld Says:

    Yes H it does make sense. How is it that we all know these things, having lived with it and around bushfire season year in and year out, maybe??? So why do the media and the pollies forget with amazing regularity???

  8. chazfh Says:

    Maggs you shoul know by know most pollies only think ahead to next week and the media have the attention span of cocker spaniels!!

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