How lucky is Kevin Rudd?

Given the rains to the north and the horrific fires to the south, it has been a good time to bury bad politcal news. Why bad political news? Well The Ruddbots grand stimulus package has ground to a halt. Mainly because he chose to ignore the opposition and instead appeal to the awkward squad in the senate.

The Boy Kevin’s apparatchik beginnings were writ clear on his face yesterday as the news of Nick Xenophon (independent senator for SA) reactionary rebellion against the glorious economic stimulus plan (ver 2.1)  created by supreme comrade Rudd (err and a hoard of ‘willing’ civil servants).

The ruddbot was clearly furious esp as it allowed El Buli to wax lyrical with his ‘will no-one think of the childrens credit rating’ monologue. In the old days the Rodent would have smiled his unctious smile and then plotted his revenge against the cheeky blighter who was thwarting his plans for world domination. But not our Kev, his face would have curdled milk.

I was dissapointed to see that Bob Brown sold out for a few cycle paths.

Of course in the end the horse trading is all crap the package much like the one before Xmas is crap and shows how little the Ruddbot and our able Treasurer (who has difficult remembering his own inflation figures) actually seem to understand marcoeconomics.

Giving money to people directly is not a good idea as you cannot control how they use it. However what is worse is that both Rudd and Swann spent  most of the 2008 slagging off our economy so severely denting business and consumer confidence. What they should have doing is putting into play economic stimulus efforts into the budget and talking up our economy. In the end little went into the former and nothing went into the latter. Hence the fact that a significant amount of the first stimulus money’s were not spent but saved for a rainy day or used to pay of existing debt.

The stimulus is needed, there is no doubt about that, but should we just be giving $12 billion directly to people? Surely it’s better to create  or secure jobs with that money? As there you get a treu trickle down effect. There is a clear need for massive infrastructure programmes esp now in Victoria adn up north. Also as the good senator from SA says the Murray- Darling basin needs money throwing at it’s severe problems.

Just giving money to people is not sound economics and shows a plan written on the back on a napkin in some eatery. Rumors keep circulating about Rudd trying to do a Carpenter and call an early election banking on alleged public opinion and a weak opposition. Doing that during the throws of a recession is not a terribly bright idea but then if Julia Gillard really wants to run the ALP maybe she is pushing the Ruddbot towards this idea. 

Whilst another coalition gov is not high on my wish list even with El Buli at the helm, the thought of kevin floundering through the next few years is even less palatable. Unless Julia manages a coup d’etat.

*EDIT* it seems that Sen Xenophon has coem to terms with the Guvmnt. however the level of gov incompetnance was made manifestly clear by this:  “Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan this morning told ABC Radio the Government had no ‘Plan B’ if the Senate rejected its economic stimulus package.”

Err.. why not try for a bipartisan approach and try and draw in the coalistion after all bi-partisanship moves help the incumbant gov more than the oppo’s. Again another sign of Rudds political inexperience and arrogance.


15 Responses to “How lucky is Kevin Rudd?”

  1. Therbs Says:

    Sorry Chaz but I’m banking on my Cigar and Scotch stimulus in April. Dunno about the rest of the economy but the hospitality and tourist industries should do well out of me. Oh no, I’m not going to be sensible about this. I’m going to let fly with both barrels.

  2. chazfh Says:

    Therbs, well mine (if it comes) will go straight back to blighty to pay off my Uk credit card.

  3. chazfh Says:

    Sorry that should be ‘to help pay off my credit card’……

  4. HAVOCK21 Says:

    Well, what can I say, the meds have worn off me.

    This pair of fuck knuckles simply have no fucking idea, I suspect if you gave them a SHARP knife, they could not successfully stab them selves without a full blown convention. Unfortunately this is what happens when people who have no fucking clue get the helm of the boat. Currently the poor old engine room is getting commands from full astern to gimme all ya got Scottie, one shaft forward and one in reverse please, Oh belay that order, one at 2/3rds. NO, all stop and full ahead in reverse.

    WHAT, Full ahead in reverse, . YES!, well we consult our UNION DRIVEN bunch of fuckwits and we reckon. NO!, you don’t reckon, ya have NO FUCKING CLUE.

    I just love the thought of both my children and me, paying off the gargantuan hill of fucking DEBT for the rest of our live. Anybody thought to ask this bunch of fcukwads why with OIL at 39.00 a barrel we are still getting fucked in the arse by the FUEL FUCKING ROGUES and paying over 1.10 per litre.

    I will tell you why. Because we have SPACE FUCKING CADETS driving the ship, full steam in multiple directions, but slowly heading into oblivion.

    As for that Tree hugging cocksucker BB, well, if ever there was a numbat that should be burned at the fucking stake SLOWLY, its him. He offers no solution, its purely a road bump and should be hit by the first person with a Roo bar to make him such, OH, and please then find reverse in the aussie four speed box and go back over the arsehole, just to make sure the fucker is not going to impede any more legislation and make a bigger asre out of himself than he already has.

    Its entertaining to watch, about on a level where you blow away a rabbit or something with a .50 calibre I should think, then again, I would perhaps just utilise a TOW BAR and club the fcuker.

    Come to think of it now, I would club him and those TWO spastic, devoid of intellectual agility or capacity fucking chipmunks at the Helm.

  5. chazfh Says:


  6. maggsworld Says:


  7. chazfh Says:

    Maggs I am assuming you’re referring to H.’s little monologue?!

  8. Therbs Says:

    So it got through the Senate. Xenaphon got some extra bucks for the Murray-Darling. My Scotch and Cigar Recovery can now be planned.

  9. HAVOCK21 Says:

    . Chaz, that be a short story, well crafted with deep thought and very succinct delivery….I Thought?.

    Maggs, you would see by my other post on Chaz’s Germaine GR thing, that this post here is an Aberration, purely NOT NORMAL for me to get this wound up..Honest!.

  10. LERMONTOV Says:

    It is pleasant to see Colonel Havock living up to his name. As for Rudd being lucky, have you seen his wife?!

  11. chazfh Says:

    lerm, but she’s rich and he obviously gets let out to go to strip clubs!!

  12. HAVOCK21 Says:

    well, she will come in handy if we get any leaks in Dam walls, not that the fucking things have any water. and the less she travels the lesss the infrastructure she travels on degrades.

  13. HAVOCK21 Says:

    Has anybody checked to see if kevy boy has prosthetic arms……..

  14. LERMONTOV Says:

    Haven’t checked his arms, but I reckon that in order to bone his wife he’d need a prosthetic ….

  15. maggsworld Says:

    Yes H’s little soapbox rant was rather well crafted, butI had to get my spectacles out and do some serious reading to absorb all this. Awww come on Lermie – Therese must have something going for her; maybe aside from developing multi million dollar businesses to allow TinTin to swan around tarting himself politically, maybe she is amazing when the lights are out?? Yes yes, I know, I see the positive even in positive disasters… Spin, Lermie, spin….

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