Chaz Day in Brisvegas

Okay it would seem that we’re up for the evening of the 23rd March. Ladies and partners are invited (as Marcela will also attending).

We’ll be staying in the CBD as far as I can tell. So what about a venue?

As it’s Brisvegas we’ll be going for something not too haute cuisine I assume (and also less punishing to the back pocket). Got any good steak places?

Lerm I take it you’ll be bringing along the neighbour to meet all your imaginary friends? !!!


25 Responses to “Chaz Day in Brisvegas”

  1. LERMONTOV Says:

    I was kind of hoping that you and I could go together, but seeing as you’re delaying breaking the news to Marcela, I’ll have to find someone!

    Plenty of good steakhouses in the city, however, they are perhaps not the budget option. A good middle of the road place could be the Breakfast Creek Hotel, the Norman Hotel, The RE or the Regatta Hotels in Toowong.

  2. Nautilus Says:

    Hungry Jacks? Maccas reckon they use 100% Aussie beef.

  3. Guru Bob Says:

    Ask JB – he is the keeper of knowledge about Brisbane dining scene…

  4. Guru Bob Says:

    I used to always like the Valley Corner Restaurant in Fortitude Valley but I think that time has passed it by?

    Lucky’s Trattoria used to also be a Brisbane institution but I would never go there now.

    As you won’t have Havock in tow you could always have a curry night?

  5. chazfh Says:

    lerm, you old flirt you!!

  6. chazfh Says:

    Curry! Now there’s an idea..GB you arise ever higher in my opinion!

  7. Damian Says:

    Curry: Taj Bengal in Ashgrove is pretty good. So’s Nataraja in Red Hill. Not sure what’s in the city. Avoid “Miss India” and “Sitar express”.

    There’s a Tibetan Kitchen up on Petrie Tce these days, though that’s not the same as curry. Birmo’s karaoke venue, Ben’s, near the old Princess Theatre in Woolloongabba is possibly the best noodle house in town. Asia House, a little hole-in-the-wall place on Wickham St in the Valley is some or the best quick chinese food to be had, but it’s not the sort of place to do much talking.

    I’d second the Brekkie Creek for steak, though it’s really middle to upper range price wise. Cha-cha-char in the Riverside Centre is meant to be the “best” steakhouse, it’s the sort of place where you get a brief biography of the cow, but its prices are about a third of the way to the moon. The Jubilee on St Paul’s Tce is pretty good for a meal and cheap.

    An authentic Falafel-esque Brisbane experience would involve meeting at the Windmill or Harry’s Fine Foods around midnight. Where else could you get a deep-fried chicken schnitzel burger after the pubs close?

  8. Guru Bob Says:

    The Windmill’s deep fried lasagne wa sone which always gave me the willies…

  9. chazfh Says:

    Damian will you be attending?

  10. Damian Says:

    If that’s an invitation, then sure šŸ™‚

    Lord Bedes will apparently be in town later that week for the opening night of GC’s production of Falafel btw…

  11. chazfh Says:

    Damian, well its for all burgerites šŸ™‚

    if we’re lucky the Scribe himself may even turn up.

  12. Moko Says:

    So long as its got meat and they can soot it good and proper.

  13. chazfh Says:

    Moko, will you be able to get that evening off?

  14. havock21 Says:

    fucking curries, who would be UN CULTURED ENOUGH to eat that shite!

  15. maggsworld Says:

    Me. I am uncultured enough to eat that shit – but I am just a girl so I can get away with it. *s*

  16. chazfh Says:

    Children behave!

  17. HAVOCK21 Says:


  18. maggsworld Says:

    Ooops. Yes Dad. *spins halo around elft ankle..*

  19. chazfh Says:

    And NO we are not there yet!

  20. Guru Bob Says:

    Curries are the king of food – had chicken biryani for lunch – yummy…

  21. Damian Says:

    Ah, had beef roganjosh and and palak paneer for dinner, with saffron rice, garlic naan and raita of course.

  22. chazfh Says:

    Had lamb madras and beef vandaloo last night with basmati rice and naan.

    and there’s enough left over for tonight!

  23. HAVOCK21 Says:

    Chaz, how was naan, was she tough eating an old lady or what?

  24. Moko Says:

    Monday the 23rd sounds like a goer. I’ll make every effort to get there.

  25. Damian Says:

    Just introducing practical matters…

    So it’s Mon March 23, shall we say 7:30pm at Nataraja in Red Hill then? It’s a fine curry destination and not far from the CBD at all. Lots of alternatives, just a question of preferences šŸ™‚

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