The clock is ticking…

Well less than a week to go now until my mother flies in. Whilst it will mean a 2 week break from work, and of course the chance to celebrate Chaz Day in Brisvegas on the 23rd I can’t say I’m not feeling a certain amount of trepidation.

I think the trick will be just to keep moving. I’ve got 2 days in the Swan valley planned to kick off with, followed by a whistle stop tour of soem of our lowlvy suburbs, Freo plus some restaurants (carefully chosen so that if need be i can avoid them in future).

Then it’s off to Brisbane to stay with my uncle, which will take a load off, before she jets back to blighty on the 21st.


5 Responses to “The clock is ticking…”

  1. maggsworld Says:

    So the countdown is on! You will cope admirably, I am sure ( glad to see you back, too. Maggs

  2. Domesitc Daze Says:

    Be not fearful, but strive forward! For the day shall dawn when many shall rise with the dawn and as if in unison across the morning chant that almost magical chant: “Chaz Day!”

    Sometimes I worry me.

  3. bangarrr Says:

    Good to have you back.

  4. Lermontov Says:

    If you feel a little anxious – then imagine your poor mother!

  5. abefrellman Says:

    Welcome back. Good luck with the visitor.

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