23rd March is Chaz Day (only in Brisbane)

Okay lads and lasses.

So far Damian has come up with the firmest details that is a meet at 7:30pm at Nataraja’s in Redhill.

has anyone else got any suggestions?

JB (as you’re Mr Food critic)?

Obviously this is a blanket invite as well, so DD you’re just as welcome as Mick or Lerm. I know BBA will attend if he can. Nowhere Bob are you up for a trip into town? 

If we can get some numbers that would be great.


19 Responses to “23rd March is Chaz Day (only in Brisbane)”

  1. Jennicki Says:

    I will be there in spirit! Happy Chaz day!

  2. Nautilus Says:

    Ok, bomb threat organised for Nataraja at 8pm on the 23rd.

  3. Domesitc Daze Says:

    Nautlius: Meanie!

    Chaz thank you so much for the invite, shall proceed to work my femine ways upon spouse, (pout like hell), and let you know asap.

  4. Lermontov Says:

    I’m looking forward to gracing you with my presence!

  5. Domesitc Daze Says:

    Yep, I’m there too.

  6. chazfh Says:

    Naut, the next time i come to Melb we’ll try something a bit spicier..Havock can just have chips!!

    DD, glad you’re willing to risk your sanity!

    Lerm, I hope you’re bringing the neighbour!

    Jenn maybe we’ll have to celebrate Chaz Day in a couple of US cities!!

  7. Big Bad Al Says:

    Still a maybe, perhaps for me. Will depend on medical stuff.

  8. Domesitc Daze Says:

    Message from Husband of the Century:

    May your god be with you.

  9. Girl Clumsy Says:

    Hey Chaz!

    Would love to celebrate Chaz day…. but the 23rd is our tech week and I believe I will be needed at the theatre… however, I’ve got the day off, so maybe I can catch up with you before hand.

    Are you about the next day, Tuesday? You could come and watch a dress rehearsal perhaps…

    Cheers, Nat.

  10. chazfh Says:

    BBA: Mate if you can make it that would be brill but obviously if your not up to strength i understand *sob*

    DD: Tell him I wirship the elder gods so we’ll be fine!!

    GC: Nat that would be great maybe for coffee? Well firm a time later you’ve got my email so chuck me a line… We fly out on the tuesday :(( But watch this space.

  11. maggsworld Says:

    I shall raise a glass of the finest red and toast you in spirit. Maggs

  12. abefrellman Says:

    Have a XXXX for me.

  13. chazfh Says:

    Abe XXXX? isn’t that a bit classy for Brisvegas?

  14. Damian Says:

    Me and Mrs Damian will be there. We are happy to book, if no-one else has. Incidentally, if someone else does, do specify a table with a view…

    Any idea on numbers? If I hear nothing in the next 48 hours, I’ll book a table for 8 in the name of Chaz.


  15. chazfh Says:

    Damian glad to know you’re still in.

    So far we have confirmed
    Me (obviously)
    DD plus husband of the century (TM)
    Lerm (plus guest, tbc)

    and of course
    Mr and Mrs Damian

    BBA is of course probbaly uncertain until the last minute

    Unknowns are
    Mr Birmingham
    Nowhere Bob.

    Complete washout is Girl Clumsey because of some arty farty thing she’s organising in the village hall!!!

    Damian so shall we book for 10 and if the others decide they’re going to attend we can always bump up the table? If you can book it that would be fab! I’ll email you my mobile for a point of contact.

  16. Damian Says:


    (The action of making a steeple with one’s hand follows for a moment).

    I just now rang and booked a table with a view in the name of Chaz, and gave your mobile as the contact. With Pulp’s “Common People” on the stereo for some reason.

    Sounds like it’ll be a good night, anyhow 🙂

  17. chazfh Says:

    Good… will do final call to arms today/tomorrow before flying off to brisvegas on tues

  18. domesticdaze Says:

    Coolies, am looking forward to meeting everyone.

  19. chazfh Says:

    DD yep it will be a blast..one way or another!!!

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