Populist economics class 101

Well I heartened that the Boy Kevin is going on national television to tell us how to weather the coming economic storm and no doubt tell us how to spend the $900 he’s bunging us. The twist is that allegeldy the studio at channel 7 will be filled with people who’ve lost their jobs…I wonder if they’ve been checked to make sure they’re not card carrying ALP/Union memebers or Libs for that matter..just so there’ll be some objectivity. personally I couldn’t be more insulted and embrassed that our PM is sinking to this level of populism.

But then of course he’s said he wants the $17 Mill in gov. grants that Pacific Brands got over the last couple of years paid back. Err yes excellent copy but how many people do the company still planning to employ in Aus? I believe i saw that they’ll still employ around 7000 9but i could be wrong. But along with the well thought out wildcat strike of today it’s obvious the unions believe they have a cause celebre..turkey’s voting for Xmas the lot of them. I remember another cause celebre back in the UK. And comrade Arthur Scargill by calling a national coal strike (in order to protect jobs) managed to single handedly wreck the british coal industry and destroy dozens of communities.. So yes lets punish the company some more stop production and then it can either go bust or operate totally off shore..excellent planning brothers!

And in the UK? Well the former Iron Chancellor is driving the old mother country into the ground. Their cash rate is now 0.5% and the bank of england is planning to print lots and lots of money. Hmm Weimar republic anyone? The Labour Gov in the UK is more and more of a joke and it looks like the tories will be well in in the next election.

Now finally it’s looking like the Gen X’s are not going to have to carry the whole can on this one so the Gen Y’s and Gen Zeds get to play as well ..esp in the USA.

Happy weekend everyone!!


4 Responses to “Populist economics class 101”

  1. LERMONTOV Says:


    Nice post Chaz. I wouldn’t trust these fuckers to run a five and dime, let alone the economy.

    When is democracy going to reach its use by date? Mindless self-interest can’t work for too much longer.

    Have fun with Mum!!!!

  2. maggsworld Says:

    I would believe MsLizzie (Aged 2 and a half) would do a better job without the politicing. Maggs.

  3. Therbs Says:

    I love that concept of printing shitloads of currency. Forget 1920’s Germany, I think they’ve taken their cue from Zimbabwe 2008. Each home will be allocated a wheelbarrow.

  4. maggsworld Says:

    Chaz I am making my blog invitation only and would like to add you. Please send me your email address for this to maggsworld@gmail.com

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