Tenth layer of Hell

Yep thats where I’m residing at the moment.

The trip to the Swan valley could have been better and i’m getting tired of the family photo ops…


Ahh to be alone...

Ahh to be alone...

and the results of my purchases can be clearly seen

Okay just one more bottle....

Okay just one more bottle....

And I’ve been snaking too much as well, so a major excerise regieme is needed on my return form Brisvegas

Rabbit hunting season, oh and note to self I must lose some weight

Rabbit hunting season, oh and note to self I must lose some weight

Well I’ve got a dinner party tonight so that’ll lessen the load and then on Tuesday it’s off to Brisvegas

Yep in conclusion Dante had it easy!!


15 Responses to “Tenth layer of Hell”

  1. maggsworld Says:

    Is t rabbit season? LOL

  2. abefrellman Says:

    Be vewwy qwiet…

  3. Lermontov Says:

    Some solid looking purchases!

  4. domesticdaze Says:

    Ah, chocolate and wine, I could live with that.

  5. yankeedog Says:

    There’s a lot of Australian wines sold here in the States, but I don’t recognize any of those brands. I reckon we get the batches that were made from the dried-up grapes or that someone pissed in.

    “Oi! Who peed inna woin? Well, bottle it up anyway-the Seppos’ll drink any old crap!”

  6. Moko Says:

    Weight scmeight.

  7. Jennicki Says:

    It’s not vacation unless there is free-flowing booze, chocolate and photo ops! 😀

  8. havock21 Says:

    Just keep at it, maybe you could then get a jon as a front rower…..

    Bunnies..mmmmmm, wines..HELL YES. DID ya shipsome to me

  9. bangarrr Says:

    It’s always nice to have something to throw around 😉

  10. chazfh Says:

    Maggs. With choc rabbits it’s always the season

    Abe: too twue

    Lerm: I try my best

    DD: I thought you’d approve

    YD: shite I never knew you guys had clicked onto that little gig. Hmm have to think of another marketing strategy!

    Moko: We can compare note at the curry meet!

    Jenn, hmm but do family HAVE to be involved?

    H. hmm does that mean my role as fly half has been filled? And as for your share err it evaporated!!

    Bangar. Ta mate!

  11. Nautilus Says:

    Jeez, you must have eaten and drunk alot, ’cause it looks like you are in a wheelchair in the top photo!

  12. chazfh Says:

    Naut the truth will never come out!

  13. NatalieV Says:

    You and your bunnies…

  14. Dr Yobbo Says:

    Looks a decent haul. If the tenth circle of hell does cellar door tastings and a decent lunch I can’t really see the problem!

  15. chazfh Says:

    DY the thing is you just haven’t met my mother!!!

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