Chaz Day in Brisbane (Final Confirmation)

Lads, lasses and non-eucalidian ectoplasms from Cygnus, the stars are near to their perfect alignment and Chaz is due to arrive in Brisbane tomorrow at 13:00 hrs Brisvegas time.

As agreed by blood oath we will have a baccanalian (?!) feast celebrating this sacred event  at Nataraja’s in Redhill at 19:30 hrs. Apparently it’s BYO so bring the liquor of your choice, although apparently there is a ‘no charteuse’ house policy as they feel it’s too gay…sorry Lermy!

To date the following fellow cultists have confirmed their presence for the rites…

Lerm (plus ‘guest’)

Domestic Daze and her husband of the century



Damian and Mrs Damian

Moko (no word on his wife..if she exists of course)

And of course me your host and the long suffering Marcela

The table is booked in the name of Chaz.

I look forward to seeing you all there but if anyone else wants to come they are welcome just call the restaurant and ask them to expand the table numbers.. no crank calls please Havock or Naut… Oh and an email to me would be nice.

Finally can anyone recommend a couple of palces to wander i town whilst we’re there for a quick trip on friday?

GC also looking forward to having coffee or something stronger on monday arvo.



32 Responses to “Chaz Day in Brisbane (Final Confirmation)”

  1. chazfh Says:

    Oh and BBA will come if he can.

  2. bangarrr Says:

    Wish I could make it, now the shoe is on the other foot I guess.

  3. hughesy Says:

    But Chaz – tomorrow is the 19th, not the 23rd?

  4. chazfh Says:

    Hughsey you are absolutely right, I need a bit of time to spread some pre-election chaos to provide the right backdrop to our meeting! I more than understand that you won’t be able to make it on the appointed night.

    However marcela and i are agreed that the next visit to your little banana republic wil involve a side trip to noosa and we’ll bring gifts..but no cask wine!!

  5. chazfh Says:

    Bangar, Sin City can’t hog me all the time, and Chaz’s day also needs to be celebrated in Sydney before the years end.

  6. chazfh Says:

    Sorry to clarify our meal is on the 23rd, as previously agreed.

  7. maggsworld Says:

    I promise not to phone ad heckle, I do. Maggs

  8. abefrellman Says:

    I’m going to ring and tell them that you guys are from the Ringburning Vindaloo Appreciation Society.

  9. Big Bad Al Says:

    Sorry Chaz and Guys and Gals,

    Spent today at the hospital with the specialist and getting an Infusion and blood top up. I have an operation on the 26th and I am on special Meds and a restricted diet from the 21st. As much as I would like to atttend I will have to give it a miss.

    But don’t let that stop the rest of you. Go an have a good time and show that Sandgroper some damn good Queensland hospitality. Enjoy.

  10. domesticdaze Says:

    I will make sure we raise a special glass or three in your honour Al.

  11. havock21 Says:

    whats it worth for me NOT to ring the restaurant CHAZ. And the cool thing is, at the moment he is on a plane, maybe heading for that Thunderstorm JB was talking about……. NOOSA..Hell we had our Honeymoon up there. Nice joint, go nuts Chaz, remember, you do not live there full time

  12. Guru Bob Says:

    Have fun – I don’t recommend the Treasury Casino – incredibly depressing place, see if Napoleon’s bookshop is still around on George Street – that is worth a visit for anyone interested in militaria.

    Where are you staying?

  13. Nautilus Says:

    I have rung the restuarant and let them know your “special” dietry requirements.

    You all like spam don’t you?

  14. LERMONTOV Says:

    Yo – I’ll be travelling solo – I can’t bring the neighbour to a dinner where everyone knows that I’ve been cheating on her!

    I may eat before hand so that th Abe’s and Naut’s of the world cannot mess with my rations!

    See you there

  15. Moko Says:

    Heart attack for a mo. Yep, Monday the 23rd at 1930 hours sounds groovy. The little lady won’t be making it…..and she exists. lol.

    You’re kicking off with a steamy one here dude.

    Anyone asked that damn pigmy russian spy?.

  16. LERMONTOV Says:

    Re things to do on Friday – the Cesspit could do with a clean!

    How much time have you got? There is an interesting club with two VC’s up on Wickham Tce. Heaps of other memorabilia etc. You’d have to wear a coat and tie though. Otherwise that walk along the river from the Eagle St pier to Sydney St New Farm is pretty good. Plenty of places to imbibe and great scenery

  17. domesticdaze Says:

    If and only if you are wanting to do the tourist thingy,
    here is a link with some of the usua suspects and some of the not so usual.

    Might be worth a look.

  18. Dr Yobbo Says:

    CityCat trip along the river is always a good way of checking the city out. Even better at night (not so obvious the river is a poo-brown stormwater drain)

    There’s the obvious places like South Bank, the arts precinct et al, but having shown a few peeps about the place when I was a local what I think the best things about Brisbane are from a tourist POV: pubs, CityCats, the Botanics, the view from Mt Coot-tha, pubs, munter-spotting in the Valley, wanker-spotting on James St, pubs, and pubs. Find a shady beer garden (the RE in Toowong was a personal fave) and soak up the ambience. Unless it’s the Normanby when the Broncos are about, in which case you’ll be soaked up by the ambulance.

  19. Birmo Says:

    So, this gig is monday, right? I’ve booked child wrangling specialists for monday.

  20. Nowhere Bob Says:

    Chaz, sorry bloke, only just catching up on my blogging .
    Please accept my apologies, but not this time.
    Noosa is my work turf these days, so let me know when you are visiting Hughsey.

    I feel so lame.

  21. LERMONTOV Says:

    Big news for you Chaz – the alcopops tax was knocked back – your pink Bacardi Breeze’s will be cheaper again!

  22. chazfh Says:

    Thanks guys for the ideas, unfortunately will not be wearing a tie.. so i think the river cat thingy might be a go.

    JB yes it’s monday are you bringing mrs B?

    Nbob no worries mate i thought you were up north but couldn’t remember. When we visit Hughsey I’ll let you know

    Lerm, yeah any excuse not to let us redicule you in public!! Good news on the alcopops, so your melon flavored one will be back on the menu then?

    Moko see you on monday then!

    Have been down to the Granite ranges for the last two days..loads of fun. Will post later about that little escapade

  23. Damian Says:

    I second the Citycat, and a walk around the Botanic gardens and the boardwalks from there to Riverside combine nicely with taking a cat-round-trip.

    And if you have transport, definitely get a coffee/overpriced drink at the cafe up on the Mt Coot-tha lookout. It’s a thing I’d recommend both for visitors and for locals before/after going out of town for a while. Brisbane’s a place that is better understood from an elevated perspective.

    Anyhow, see you all on Monday.

  24. hughesy Says:

    Of course, you’ll be welcome to stay at the ponderosa Chazbo.

  25. Therbs Says:

    I rang the restaurant and they said a person by the name of Harry H had already called and ordered the Vegas Mindfuck Madras and Bowel Prolapse Vindaloo for everyone.

  26. Birmo Says:

    Nope, I’m coming stag, not drag. Jane has a work function.

  27. chazfh Says:

    Therbs, how spooky is that?!!

    JB: Lucky her.

    Walked around the cbd alot on friday and went to New farm for a meal at Blue smoke last night, saw lots of ‘scenary’ as Lerm so elegantly put it. Have just walked accross to Kangeroo point then taken the ferry back to the CBD.

    See you all tomorrow night

  28. mickH Says:

    Ack! Double fucking ACK!

    I forgot all about this!
    And trust me to find out about it now!
    Sorry Chaz, I don’t think I can make it


    Oh and Napoleon’s bookshop is no longer there, don’t look for it.

  29. TOBP-Steve Says:

    Did Lermontov bring his own sippy cup filled with gin and tonic?

    And I fail to see why bringing the neighbor would’ve been an issue, seeing as how she also knows you’ve been cheating, but is merely in a blessed state of denial.

  30. Doanli Says:

    C’mon, no one’s talking yet…we want the details of this gathering and any and all pictures!

  31. chazfh Says:

    Have just got back to perth, will try and post in the morrow if not sooner..

  32. domesticdaze Says:

    Doanli, much to the shock and surprise to many, everyone behaved themselves, had a nice meal, and were lovely company. Had it been a Friday night………well that would be a different story me thinks.

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