Celebrating Chaz Day in Brisbane


It would have seemed that Chaz Day in Brisvegas was cursed . Firstly Girl Clumsy couldn’t make it and had obviously lost my mobile number so we couldn’t meet up for a quick drink on Monday arvo. Then NatV called in sick and finally The Scribe phoned me to say he had a headache.. heard that one before JB!!


Then as we were half way to Redhill, Marcela realised that we’d left our booze back in the apartment. Quelle horreur!! Fortunately we just managed to grab some from the bottle shop next door.


First on the scene was Damien and his good lady wife, closely followed by Lerm (who won the door prize for being over dressed). Next came DD and Husband of the century. Then came the surprise of the evening with Hughsey and Geoffrey turning up. Patricia turned up last having taking a real bus route to get there! Hughsey gets even more brownie points for clearly suffering from her normal allergic reaction to Brisbane.




Conversations were pretty varied during the meal, which was itself pretty good.






After the meal Lerm suggested a couple more drinkies at the Paddo  and with Damian at the wheel we set off. Lerm as ever trying to corrupt me made me knock back a chartreuse. Having failed with me he made a quick attempt at bribing a barmaid but she then disappeared.


There was a ‘jam’ session at the pub, so we went outside to continue our conversations. We were briefly joined by a very drunk young lady who tried to persuade us that it would be a good thing to go to the LA hotel round the corner to see a new band that were playing there. Shortly afterwards she and her mate tacked down the sidewalk to said establishment leaving both Lerm and Patricia wondering if they should heroically look after the two young strays.




The evening finished not long afterwards with Patricia getting a lift back with Mr & Mrs Damian, Marcela and I heading back to our des-res and Lerm looking eagerly at a couple of heffers in the bar.


Thanks to everyone who took the time to celebrate Chaz Day in Brisvegas, and I hope to catch up with the no-shows when we’re next in town.


JB however made up for it by taking Marcela and I to ‘Pearls’ the next morning for a pretty scrummy breakfast. Thank you sir, I owe you one there. Also I hope Patricia that your graduation ceremony went well.


22 Responses to “Celebrating Chaz Day in Brisbane”

  1. Girl Clumsy Says:

    Chaz, again, I’m so sorry for missing your dinner! It looks like it was loads of fun, not to mention tasty.

    Apologies for not catching up for coffee in the arvo either – I have fuzzy Felafel brain at the moment – can’t really remember much else (you should see the state of my house!).

    Cheers, Nat.

  2. hughesy Says:

    Hey Chaz
    Lovely to meet blogbuddies face to face. It’s weird – like those freinds you have with whom you can pick up the conversation where you left of years before.

    Sorry about my bleary-tearyness – sneezed all the following day too. Just starting to feel normal now.

    Wish I could have stayed longer, but I didn’t dare pop another sudafed or sleep would have retreated completely.

  3. Jennicki Says:

    Looks like y’all had fun! Wish I could’ve been there!

  4. LERMONTOV Says:

    It was a pleasure to meet you all

  5. nautilus Says:

    Looks like you all had a good time!


  6. chazfh Says:

    Lerm, how did the you’re expedition into the bar go?

    Naut, best laid plans of frogs and men eh?

  7. Damian Says:

    Yeah, it was a good night. Thanks to all who were there, ’twas lovely to meet you indeed.

  8. havock21 Says:

    Damian, you will be foever a little more…whats the word….ahhh hell, Did you take along a box for chaz to stand on.

    AND I hope you lot looked after Hughesy…


  9. Guru Bob Says:

    Sounds great – but what was the curry like???

  10. Therbs Says:

    Well done. Would have been great to have been there. I’m sure Mr Lermontov behaved himself after everyone else had left.

  11. chazfh Says:

    Havock, can i detect a little jealousy there?

    GB: pretty good actually, although they did do the mild,medium or hot varients for each one which is a bit faux. tried to get lerm to have a hot vindaloo but he didn’t bite :((

    Therbs, no worries i’d say we’ll have a Chaz Day in Sydney before the end of the year..

  12. havock21 Says:


  13. bangarrr Says:

    Another successful Chaz day, looking forward to the next Melbourne one.

  14. simon bedak Says:

    fuck – I’ve been there! We had dinner there before the last Felafel gig in Brisbane around!

    Sincerely sorry our times didn’t work out this time.

    Next time

  15. Damian Says:

    Bedes, you’re seriously invited to incinerate beef on our barbie and to swim in our pool, though the days are getting shorter now. You won’t make this round of Felafel?

  16. drej08 Says:

    Nice Chaz, glad you had a good night.
    Hmm, Drej day in Brizzie next month, hope it goes half as well 😉

  17. maggsworld Says:

    Looks like a good time was had by all. This made me smile somewhat. maggs

  18. sfmurphy1971 Says:

    I’d have been there but my Viper is in the shop.

    Glad to hear that a good time was had by all.

    On the Outer Marches

  19. TOBP-Steve Says:

    Please tell me SOMEBODY was corrupted by Lermontov that night!

  20. domesticdaze Says:

    TOBP-Steve, as much as this will probably disturb you, Lerm was very well behaved, as was the rest.
    Chaz, thanks for a great night, it was fantastic to meet everyone, and at least some of you know now Hoc is not a figment of the imagination.

  21. NatalieV Says:

    Again I am so sorry. I’d been looking forward to it for so long.

  22. chazfh Says:

    simon, maybe you’ll make Chaz Day in Sydney (which should happen in spring).

    drej, we’ll have to celebrate chaz day up in broome as well even though it’ll be a small crowd maybe if I get a couple of sales in the next couple of motnhs.

    Maggs, a smile is always good!

    Murph: don’t worry mate once you get tenure you’ll be able to pop down

    Steve: well i did accept Lerms offer of a glass of Chartreuse, and we don’t know what went on after the rets of us left the Paddo…

    DD: so glad you enjoyed it, yes nice to know he isn’t a relative of BBA’s Penguins

    NatV, well i was pretty inconsolable after your message but i got through. *sob* thank you.

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