I know I shouldn’t but I love stuff like this…

The mystery of an air strike, allegedly by the IDF in the sudan a few weeks ago deepens with israel basically saying “anytime, anywhere” which to be honest i always thought was Lerms life philosophy.


It’s not the sheer illegality of the strike (which morally I am appalled by) but it’s the guts to run a long range air strike, get back with no casulties and be successful in delivering the ordanance on time and on target.

It’s much like the drone strikes in pakistan and elsewhere and makes you wonder how many black ops of this type are running every day in africa, the mid east and asia..

I also had to laugh at Pres Obama’s asserion that there will be no hot pursuits and that there will be ‘consultation’ on air strikes


Dubya tried that and it failed miserably and even he wasn’t stupuid enough to get stung twice hecne the rise in drone attacks. i get the feeling it’s going to be more like the white house ringing the Pakistani Prez and saying “just to let you know this little camp at co-ord’s X and Y will cease to exist in ten mins our planes will be over the border in five. Thanks you for your consideration. ”

Oh and if anyone had any doubts about Pakistans downward spiral as a civil society:


Happy monday everyone!


9 Responses to “I know I shouldn’t but I love stuff like this…”

  1. LERMONTOV Says:

    I’m not the most philosophical of men, yet if I were, that would be a good one to hold to.

    The Pakistan situation is grave indeed. The whole NW of the subcontinent seems a ticking bomb ATM. And, as much as I would hate to live under a military dictatorship, I kind of hope that someone steps up to the plate in Lahore pretty soon. Who know what will happen if society does break down over there.

    The IDF can be called many things – inefficient it certainly is not

  2. Moko Says:

    Yeah, the IDF know their shit and will smack anyone in the head that they feel needs it, even the yanks. *cough cough* liberty *cough*. Makes you wonder what Lebanon was all about eh?.

  3. chazfh Says:

    Moko, yes less said about a particular SigInt vessel the better. To this day I still can’t see how the US Gov can still acknowledge that it was an honest mistake. For a horrific almost blow by blow account of the attack read ‘Body of Secrets’ and excellent history of the NSA.

    The Leb was revenge (mid-east style) pure and simple, it was ill planned which in this day and age is unforgivable. What is spookier is the attack on that strange building in Syria.

  4. Big Bad Al Says:

    Strike First. Strike Hard.

  5. havock21 Says:

    and then re strike just to make shore, keep up the skeer, never give a retreating enemy any time or quarter.

    But I do hate the fuck out of the Israelis, its just their attitude, why cannot the be more accommodating, like perhaps..I don’t know…ME for example…

  6. chazfh Says:


  7. Therbs Says:

    What scares me about Pakistan is the fact they have nukes and that the Taliban are growing in strength there. India is getting even more nervous. Too many big kaboomies waiting to happen.
    The Israelis are good at their shit. Just sort of wonder when they’ll take it way too far.

  8. Dr Yobbo Says:

    Yeah as Anthony Kiedis once said, “Yes I think we’re f**ked, but I can’t rest in war.” And furthermore, as Liam Gallagher once said, “I’d like to build myself a house out of plasticine.”

    The moral of the story is that quoting rock lyrics can only get you so far before you end up looking a complete twat.

    Black ops FTW. I know it’s juvenile and boys-own-bollocks but that stuff is cool. It just is.

  9. maggsworld Says:

    Having lived nine years between pakistan and India and Bangladesh I can honestly say that in some instances a dictatorship is prefereable to the uneducated rabble. The politicians there have kept the majority UNDEReducated to better control but that makes them prone to all sorts of other problems, like paranoia ( eg if you are white you MUST be CIA and a spy to name one…) Do not underestimate the power of ISlam in Pakistan as well.

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