The Ruddbot has a potty mouth

Thw tales coming out of our Glorious leader giving a hostie a spray becaue he could have a special ‘meat fee’ meal is hilarious

An Australian PM asking for a meat free meal? Time for an election i think, or a coup in the ALP’s ranks. How can we as a nation hold our heads up high when our PM acts in such a manner..oh and being rude to the hostie was a bit much as well.

Have to say it doesn’t surprise me, and I bet his apology was very mealy mouthed! I can imagine Bob Hawke getting upset if there was no booze on the flight. And keating well he’d be sarcastice but no one would notice i suppose as it would be service as usual.

I wonder if the Rodent ever had a blow up, I doubt it as he always wanted to project this oily bonhomie.


10 Responses to “The Ruddbot has a potty mouth”

  1. maggsworld Says:

    A coup methinks!! Our Tin Tin wants what he wants, when he wants. it seems. tsk tsk. Maggs

  2. Lermontov Says:

    They should try the fucker for treason!

  3. Dr Yobbo Says:

    Howard would have kicked off royally if they couldn’t get live cricket on the dish.

    Times like this I’m embarrassed to be a Labor voter. But then I take one look at Born-To-Rule Turnbull and figure… meh, could be worse, that arseclown could be my flagbearer.

  4. Maggie Says:

    Yobbs you make such a salient point. Turnbul ( burn to rule and married into the opllie aristocracy – you forgot wife Lucy!!!)

  5. drej08 Says:

    There are plenty of reports around of his colorful language used when the mic’s aren’t around. Can’t wait till he gets caught out giving someone a decent serve.

  6. Moko Says:

    I was sold on him when he went to a strip club. Ringing his missus at 3 in the morning racked with guilt was a fraction gay, but HE WENT.

    I yell at dumbasses too. So judge, lest ye be judged and all that.

  7. havock21 Says:

    Not try the fucker for treason. He now GUILTY, fuck me, no meat, what sorta, new age, tree guggy, pink pantied fucking girls blouse, leg waxi9ng fucking blow hard is he..CAP HIM..take it out back and simple swing it across the tow bar, twice!.

  8. brian Says:

    Guys, guys (pause – resume debate about hAVOCK? Nahh). guys.

    I see the whole thing in a different frame. Tin-tin and the big O need to have some of the polish taken off them. What’s amusing in the doing is how their supporters are affronted that any one would dare.

    Gives me the willies having a one-party country.

  9. chazfh Says:

    brian, saw a great cartoon at Dan Cagles site with a group of piranha’s all thinking “no-one shall criticise obama’

    Also most countries now go through 1 party poltical phases but the Ruddbot could still be the 1st one term Pm this side of WW2..Give him time

  10. brian Says:

    The blogoshpere is doing a nice job on KRudd and Pong at the moment. A lot of it in reaction to a pretty piss-poor Opposition ie Turnbull and Co. Most of the opposition seems to be on line.

    God help me. If the only open dissent we’re going to get is from Family First – then we’re all in strife. May as well bring back the DLP.

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