Fiction re-posts and the ghost of novels yet to be written

I’ve reposted old fiction that was lost from jspace on my blogspot site

Only problem is that I can’t seem to find Two of the three doc\’s that held the start of ‘A few ugly days’, this is not good news as I’m going to have to re-write. Unless someone can remember how to access a cache memory of Jspace?

Still haven’t got past half way with editing Prion 13 (but at least i’m getting there). Sat down for breccy with Marcela at some trendy place in town (lots of eye candy) and realised that I had stuff together for 7 novels, plus the idea to make prion 13 part of a collection of shorts all covering the same zombie outbreak. And of course the 9/11 with old Al gore in charge instead of Dubya..

Thats a lot of writing. the question is my muse singing?

“The siren still sings and holds out a promise and I’m addicted to the kiss of the vampire queen”


6 Responses to “Fiction re-posts and the ghost of novels yet to be written”

  1. chazfh Says:

    Ha! luckily i was not quite as stupid as i thought I was and found I’d emailed myself a copy of “a few ugly days”

    This too is now posted on Writers Cramp!

  2. nautilus Says:

    Now all you need to do is find me some time to read it.

    I had the opportunity to be the first person to read JP’s new book, but I have been way too busy and only got a short way in.

  3. LERMONTOV Says:

    I look fwd to giving it my full attention. Allow me to hope that all is well ‘Westside’! (can’t help it – I’m a tool!)

  4. chazfh Says:

    Naut, what a wasted gift, you could always send it to me and i can read it whilst you get back on track…

    Lerm, hmm I can think or more fitting titles but I bet some of the women in your life have already called you them!!!

  5. havock21 Says:

    Dont look at me!..I have NO TIME..NO TIME I TELL YA..NAUT..WTF..I thought JP only sent me his FIRST COPY. HE is in so much shit now

  6. maggsworld Says:

    Oh goodie – must go read…

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