Move over Telstra, Kev’s going to do the broadband himself

So in line with many ALP policies it seems that The Boy Kevin knows more about the intermernethingy than those in the Telcoms industry, and is therefore going to set up his own business to produce 100MBps broadband   (without Porn of course).

The figures seem to be an $43 billion investment over 8 years, the good news is that they’re hitting Tassie first, so Dirk may finally get decent download speeds. The question is as they’re doing this, will the Gov also become an ISP and will it also be doing it’s filtering programme? I’m now wondering if the quietening down on the ISP filter front is because they’re planning to stealth it in on the back of this new network.

Not that I’m paranoid mind


8 Responses to “Move over Telstra, Kev’s going to do the broadband himself”

  1. brian Says:

    Devils in the fine detail. Ignore fibre to every house for the time being. Fibre back-bone. Wireless nodes in the contry. Fibre cross the Tasman I reckon.

    BTW The Northern Territory was effectively isolated from the rest of Australia tofay – 2 stations went down. You wont see fibre going between every state. Too expensive.

    What’s slowing everything down are the old copper wires.

  2. chazfh Says:

    brian and Telstras going to try every trick in the book to restrict access to those old Cu wires

  3. bangarrr Says:

    Chaz, that is scary thought.

  4. chazfh Says:

    Bangar, mate it gets worse because you can bet, yet again that this is going to be run from the PM’s office

  5. nautilus Says:

    If they do it as stated then it could be a very good thing. It will really break Telstra’s stranglehold on the copper and they can privatise the 51% they own down the track.

    But wait and watch the goal posts change. It will go from fibre to 90% of homes, to 40% of rich homes.

    Be funny if it got stalled in Tassie and we all had to move there for decent internet!

  6. maggsworld Says:

    It is time someone gave telstra the finger and it could only matter if it was their business partner – aka gubmint. I ave heard rumours through the halls of power it is all going fibre optic and satellite. I wait in hope ( just call me Pollyanna!!) Grumpy Old Man gives them 2 years before it all falls over.

  7. Dr Yobbo Says:

    Does seem a pretty simple way to get around the ISPs lack of interest in their Nanna act doesn’t it? Was the first thing I thought of too…

  8. brian Says:

    Was listening to the CEO of Telecom Users. The lady seemed to have her head screwed on. Rural will get bigger and better wireless throats. Tie that in with major fibre – should be workable.

    Worked for Telstra 30 years back – switching networks work the same whether digital or analog. Fibre allows a lot of those big 1200+ cables to be retired, dug up, and salvaged.

    When I was with Melbourne Electricity we sold off conduit space for the Optus fibre backbone in Melbourne – a fibre backbone cable is pretty small.

    I sense big wireless at exchanges – with the exchanges tied by fibre.

    Telstra has to be a player. The mobile broadband will piggy back along the fibre. Hmm . . . .though . . .this sorta mucks up their Foxtel assets.

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