Mr Swans tough talking

Wayne Swan’s inability to actually talk tough and seem on top of his job never ceases to amaze me. I’m sure that it’s only the lack of creadibility of his oppo on the other side of the divide

So banks need a kick up the bum do they? And of course wayne you’re the man to do it.. er no Kevin would probably do that on your behalf or at least get Julia to give them a good whiping 9which they’d probably enjoy esp if any of them went to Kings….

Seriously though with the RBA giving out only a 25 basis point cut in rates and the Ruddbot getting the banks to hold off on interest payments on the loans of peopele who’ve lost their jobs, really what does Mr Swan expect? The banks still need to make some money and they do that via interest rates and bank charges (as they seem incapable of doing so on the markets!!).

Playground populism, how very mature……….. wonder if he knows what the latest CPI figure is? :))

4 Responses to “Mr Swans tough talking”

  1. LERMONTOV Says:

    Old Comrade Kev and his cronies would probably like to nationalise the banks. Lets see how these clowns go when unemployment baloons. I’ve got hunch that ‘the court of public opinion’ will have been good for the goose, yet perhaps not the gander

  2. maggsworld Says:

    I sit back and watch!!

  3. Moko Says:

    Turnbull’s giving me the shits at the mo. Not a big fan of any of them really, but him and his mates in particular make me angry every time he opens his hole.

    Politics is just legalised crime.

  4. chazfh Says:

    Moko, you just have to look at the corrupt qwankers that are british MP’s to know our lot are slightly better.

    El Bulli’s ok but he’s just can do anything against St Kev and most of his party are losers….

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