Manchurian Candidate or incompetant pollie?

Well more ‘revelations’ about Joel fitzgibbon and his relationship with the PRC.

What is interesting is that a certain junior treasury member has started briefing how we should not be too concerend about china.

This to me shows that Kev and his advisors are quite worried about the negative effects of the perceived (rightly or wrongly) pro-PRC slant of this current government. PR is everything to Kev 24/7 and his continued high rating reflects a concerted positive spin put out by a very effective media team, plus of course many populist economic policies which could be seen as vote buying if you were very cynical.

As a learned collegue put to me a week or so ago economically Ruddy Kev’s shot his load in one go and so if things turn nastier the cupboard is bare. Of course he could always go cap in hand to his mates in Beijing!

But it is always nice to see the ALP showing  that it’s relationship with the Union movement makes it ideal for corruption to spread

Kev’s not going to be happy about this coming out in the open. but the one thing I’ve learnt from the modern Labour movement (both here and in the Uk) is that political corrption is more ingrained therein than on the other side of chamber. Tory style corruption tends to be individualised whereas Labour style corruption is systemic.

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