When granite kitchen tops go bad….

The hob and oven in our apartment date back to when the development was built (about 12 years ago).

I’ve been meaning to replace them both for about 2 years now but never got round to it. However as  the hob seems intent on dropping the RCD on the whole place whenver it’s switched on at the board. I decided enough was enough and so a great Hob hunt was initiated.

So on friday morning we heaed off to the great temples of consumerism Harvey norman and Rick Hart only to find that like the rest of this sleepy town they were closed on Good Friday! Bloody cheek allowing some loony Christian festival to interfere with the gods of commerce!

Anyway undaunted by this setback, the next day Marcela and I once again went to pray at the temples, thanks in part to the suriety that St Kev the chaste and sober (wowser 1st class) would send us a bit of dosh to help us along. We even had the measurements of the hob base.

 1st up it was harvey norman and therein a problem occured as it seemed that hobs that were allegedly 600mm wide were not so. So we trapsed back to home and doubled checked not only the base size but also the exact area of the hole in the kitchen top. Hmmm 615 x 480..okay so that might make things a bit difficult.

A lo it was so, as most cermaic or induction hobs are 600mm or smaller in width. I must have taken the dimensions of nearly 40 different hobs. In the end we could only source 1 that would fit without leaving gaps to the side of the unit…One I tell you. The other option would have been to locate a contractor who could expand the hole in the granite insitu and then bought a 700mm unit. Seeing that this way could only result in spending even more money we just went with the 1 unit we could install with a minimum of fuss.

Have to say that the sales guys in both HN and RH were very helpful and not at all pushy.

The downside is thatMarcela and i are pretty busy this week so the new hob won’t get installed until next week.

I bet getting the new oven will be even more fun!!

One thing i saw which i thought was brill was an induction hob whcioh had a depression in it for Woks, I mean how cool is that?  Made by Smeg i think.


9 Responses to “When granite kitchen tops go bad….”

  1. bangarrr Says:

    I like a gas as it works when the power goes out, then again we did have that gas crisis a while back.

  2. chazfh Says:

    Bangar thats why you have a BBQ, come one get with the program!!

  3. havock21 Says:

    NICE MY MAN..get to fucking work. Bangarrrr..They don’t haveelectricity in WA yet, just the serfs Chaz brough over with him on that bike thingamajig

  4. hughesy Says:

    Only thing a wok will cook on is gas, or an open raging fire which is a bit hard on the eyebrows.

  5. LERMONTOV Says:

    WTF is an HOB?

    Outsource your cooking to restaurants – the peons appreciate it!

  6. Flinthart Says:

    Hughesy: I’m willing to bet a properly designed induction hob can work a steel wok pretty damned effectively. Induction hobs farking ROOOOL.

  7. Dr Yobbo Says:

    I’m still backing the gas on anything curved like a wok. Induction is pretty oresome though, particularly the speed with which they become kidsafe to touch again. My folks have gas hob/range/cooktop/horizontal-food-burny-thing and it’s great, it only runs out of gas once a year. On Christmas day, right in the middle of cooking dinner. On consecutive years. Merry Christmas.

    Everything was shut here not only on Jesus-On-A-Stick Day but on Rock-N-Roll Jesus Day too. Fracking Scottish Presbyterians.

  8. hughesy Says:

    Yes, perhaps FH, but I’m going to go elecrticity-solar (as we all may have to at some near future stage), so, for now it’s gas, then singed eyebrows.

  9. chazfh Says:

    Hughsey, let me know how much you’re units cost, I want to be able to work it out for future projects

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