A Road to Hell….Review of ‘Good’

We saw Viggo Mortensens new movie on Saturday


For once I am in complete agreement with a SMH film reviewer, well except for the bit about pop songs..the pieces are actually by Mahler. Oh and that the idea thatthe mistress is vacuous, she is actually quite detemrined.

I found the movie to actually be quite deep for a Holywood flick and the main characters play their roles well (although the protagonists wife’s problem is never properly explained). What was interesting was the use of English actors throughout (although that might have been a bit of utilising ye olde Brits as baddies that the seppos are wont to do)

So if you want a WWfilm


4 Responses to “A Road to Hell….Review of ‘Good’”

  1. yankeedog Says:

    Evidently too deep for us-I’ve not heard of it playing up here anywhere.

  2. chazfh Says:

    YD maybe due to the lack of explody goodness?

  3. barnesm Says:

    Interesting have to check it out.

    I want to see the WWI flick Defiance, though the one I am really hanging out for the Nazi Zombie flick Dead Snow which is not deep at all.

  4. chazfh Says:

    Barnes yes ‘defiance’ is a must. Do you remember the movie with martin shaw about the assassination of heydrich? from the 80’s

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