Memories of South Queensland

Suddenely realised that I’ve not regaled everyone with my movements prior to Chaz Day in brisbane.

Well the flight from Perth was fine and mon uncle was there to pick us up, the luggage also turned up quick so it was a smooth transition into his ute and we were off down south.

Ian and his wife live in Bonogin about 20 klicks inland of the Gold Coast. He saved us the madness of the strip but showed use Burleigh head as thats where he got married back in 2000 (he copied Marcela and I by getting married in Qld as well!).

Then it was into the countryside and their house. It’s a lovely place completely surrounded by forest with a dam and a winter stream. The previous owner was quite sensible and put in plenty of weirs to carry storm run off. Once we were basically settled Ian and I did a booze run, so i could update him on how my mother had behaved. It was good to get a little sympathy.

Had a nice gammon joint on the old webber that night and also got to meet my aunts sister and her husband ( a true wind up merchant) . Got to do some cane toad freezing as well (devised a specialist cane toad carbine so now need my licence so i can someone to build it) loads of the little bastards around. But i had fun feeding some of the Kooks and Magpies.

Ian Janice and the Gammon

Ian Janice and the Gammon


Greedy Kooks

Greedy Kooks


Who you're calling greedy?

Who you're calling greedy?


Nice polite king parrots

Nice polite king parrots

Next morning it was off down to Stanthorpe and the Granite ranges. The place we stayed at is called Diamond Vale and is a collection of 5-6 cottages and they’ve just finished a queenslander that houses 6 people . The owners were really friendly as upgraded Ian and Janice (which was nice as it was their anniversary) . The challenge of the day was though that we were going to cook using a camp oven.

Propping up the bar at Tobin's

Propping up the bar at Tobin's

Of course when I say ‘we’ I meant me with Ian understudying (although he no mean cook himself). So we went for a wander to a couple of wineries and bought a fair heap of wine (the boot was almost full). I have to recommend Tobin winery. By the time we got back the fire pit had died down almost to embers. So I got the peons to cut up the veggies for the base and then stuck some rosemary and garlic on the lamb added some seasoning and about half a bottle of some average Cab Sauv..of course now I’d probably have waitied until I got to the firepit before adding the wine but there you go!

Put the camp oven in the pit and covered it nicely and on the otherside of the pit maintained the fire. Three hours later it was food time and if I have to say so myself it was pretty damn good. Also it was the first time I’d used such a device so I was doubly chuffed.

Another succesful dinner

Another succesful dinner

The next day it was back up to bonogin but i have to mention this tea place on the outskirts of Stanthorpe. Called the ‘Bella Rosa tea rooms’

 Their food was great and it was very olde worlde. the funny thing was the girl running the show was a real bogan and freely admitted that she knew little about the teas (which were her mums forte) but was very into making the business rbe a success. So another place to check out.

Pyramid Road winery, good wine and the owners a top bloke

Pyramid Road winery, good wine and the owners a top bloke

Had a quiet evening in that night but had fun possum spotting.

The next day was one of freedom as marcela and I made a beeline to Brisvegas on the trian from Rubina. it’s a long journey but simple compared to commuting in London. Spent the day mooching around basically taking in the sights.

That night we had meal at Janice’s sisters which was ok. No single malt though as the man of the house was a bourbon drinker. Can’t fault their hospitality though.

Then Saturday dawned. Marcela adn i said our goodbyes to Janice and arranged to meet my mother and Ian at the airport and the scuttled back up to brissy. We checked in at the Medina by Story bridge and relaxed. Had lunch in china town and then managed to book a table at Blue Smoke.

latr arvo appeared all to soon so we hightailed iy over to the airport and saw my mother off. Had a quick drink with ian before he headed back south and then we shifted over to Fortitude Valley for the long walk down brunswick street to Merthyr and the legendary Blue Smoke. it was very busy but we got very good service, only slight downside was that the next table had poms on it and they had to do the ‘oh where do you come from?’ thing. The buffalo wings nearly beat us but we prevailed. The ribs were good and the serving staff provided eye candy for whatever sex you were.

The walk back up brunswick street burnt off a couple of calories I can tell you.

The Sunday was Marcela’s birthday so we had a very embarassing ‘game’ of tennis in the morning followed by some trapsing around Kangeroo Point and the CBD.

The things I do for love....

The things I do for love....

I’d given Marcela the choice of being able to chose to have dinner wherever she wanted. Luckily my wallet was saved a punishing blow by her deciding she wanted to have a fish dinner in the park on Kangeroo Point. Have to say that the chippy down Main (?) street is pretty good. The evening was finished off with a spa overlooking the bridge and CBD.

So it wasn’t too bad and we both are looking forward to getting back to brisvegas as we missed quite a few people: both Nats, Beeso, BBA and Moko. Oh and props again to Birmo for buying brekkie on monday morning.


14 Responses to “Memories of South Queensland”

  1. beeso Says:

    Mate you drove straight down the highway past Lantanaland!
    Campoven cooking is one of the best ways to cook, i refuse to go camping without a fire for that reason.

  2. Moko Says:

    Nice. Nice spot ya had there mate. I like brissies CBD. There’s just something about that I find comforting. Dunno what.

    I used to live right near that chip shop you mentioned. That shop was where I got my first takeaway in Au.

  3. yankeedog Says:

    That place where you had the late night dinner looked like an awesome spot! I could get used to that particular place, I think.

  4. Jennicki Says:

    Wow you have been busy! Great pics!

    I must say I was bit frightened when your title suggested you were going to share all your movements…glad some of those “movements” were excluded!


  5. Nautilus Says:

    Looks like a good trip.

    You offer her dinner anywhere and she chooses fish and chip! No wonder you married her, that’s perfect!

  6. Flinthart Says:

    So — the Granite Belt wines have improved? I tried a few, at various times, but they didn’t do much for me.

  7. chazfh Says:

    Beeso: I wouldn’t have let you suffer having to meet my mother!

    Moko: I found brissy’s CBD to be fairly relaxed esp compared with others i’ve known.

    YD, yes it was great.

    Jenn, your mind is a sewer somethimes, my girl I sewer i say!!

    Naut: Believe me it doesn’t take a lot for her to decide to eat in expensive restaurants.

    Dirk: We went to 4 wineries in the end but only Tobins and Pyramid were in my mind really good and that was only in the reds. No decent rose’s or good whites. Look in the end Granite belt wineries are always going to small scale places as the Hunter ain’t that far away, it’ll take a long time for them to really get on the map. Currently heart broken as Little River over here in the Swan valley has decided not to do Rose for a while and it was only one of 3 wineries up here that do proper Rose.. :((

  8. maggsworld Says:

    I also have never been impressed with the Qld wine offerings but love the hinterland greenery. I always pick my times to travel north due to the ick factor – dislike humidity that crushes and swelters. Must admit, the piccies begged me to venture northward!!

  9. Dr Yobbo Says:

    It’s actually bloody hard these days to go camping WITH an open fire. From memory all the Qld and NSW national parks have banned open fires and a lot of the forestry parks do too. Understandable from a safety POV but you lose a lot of that camping ambience without a fire to sit, drink and talk bollocks around.

    I’m sure Lerm would defend elements of Qld wine production but can’t say I’ve ever enjoyed it. As you say with good quality production areas not too far away it’s only ever a price point decision or curiosity that has you drinking the stuff.

  10. chazfh Says:

    Dr Y have you ever tried any of Lerms Fathers brew? Forgot to have a guzzle at the last Chaz Day.

  11. bangarrr Says:

    Glad you enjoyed yourself, camp oven cooking is hard to beat.

  12. Dr Yobbo Says:

    No I’ve not, it’s a Mount Cotton vineyard yeah? Don’t see much over here other than Hunter and Barossa produce.

  13. havock21 Says:

    nice outting.

    might I suggest by that Pic at the bar, you perhaps consult with JB as to how one manages ones……..MASS we shall call it…lol

  14. chazfh Says:

    Havock tell me about it oh well got city to surf coming up so should lose some more mass by training for that. Also i think that Birmo’s idea of becoming very sick won’t sit too well with work!!

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