Rudds Nanny state rolls on

Saw this little piece in the SMH on how Manly city council had ordered a piece of art (on a website) that had cigarettes in it to have the ‘offending’ smokes removed, purely because the Council has a strict non-smoking policy.

I’m sorry but thats just pathetic but with a wowser as Pm what do we expect.

Our Illsutrious treasurer is still resisting the pressure to call a recission despite every man and his dog are saying it’s happening

And the Boy Kevins great 2020 summit has only produced 9 practical projects. Well thats worthwhile then considering how much tiem and effort was spent on the thing. But even with the financial storm clouds darkening our skies, Kev’s talking about holding another bloody conference. Well I suppose it’ll make all those peopel about to lose their jobs feel warm and fuzzy that their PM cares so much.

What annoys me so much though is that the real question, that of our future as a republic and the removal of the states (at the very least as  political enitities) has been cast aside. A clear sign that Kev 24/7 just wants to remain popular..I guess he must have been bullied terribly at school.

Back in the mother land though, their Labour Party have decided to soak the rich after 11 years of light touch regulation brought in by the currently un-elected PM Gordon Brown. it’ll raise about 0.5Billion GBP which will help handily with the GBP703 Billion that the UK’s expected to borrow. Gordon is still blaming everyone except himself for the UK’s inability to weather the financial storms. If you remember he claimed to have rid the UK of the ‘boom and bust’ cycle. He also did brought in alot of costsly Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s) to keep costs off the books many of whcih have proved far more expensive that funding works and projects directly via the public purse.

I have never been so glad to have left the UK I can tell you.

On a final note El Bulli is claiming that the Ruddbot’s $43 Billion broadband network would cost $200 a month in fees for it to be profitable. I wonder how true that is..Abe what do you think?


11 Responses to “Rudds Nanny state rolls on”

  1. beeso Says:

    geez the wholesale would have to be mega expensive for that, telstra gouges about 90% profit out of that business at the moment

  2. Moko Says:

    What’s Rudd got to do with the smoke in the painting?. It was put back too. But yeah, retarded to even consider giving it the flick. ‘cuse the pun.

    I heard Rudd calling it a recession yesterday.

    Why would becoming a Republic and removing – (politically, at least) – the States be a positive?. How would that help now?. Kinda of a HUGE thing to tackle right now, don’t you think?.

    The question is, who would pay $200 a month?. “Not I”, said the fly, especially considering I could get iiNet a decent set of gigs on asdl2 + extra speedy goodness and free Xbox Live downloads for $60.

  3. chazfh Says:

    Beeso, lets not forget that this is effectively (at the moment) an infrastructure project, but the Ruddbot want it to make a profit so it can be sold on so unless there are write offs of the debt (which I undertsand is to be funded by Government bonds, so i don’t think is going to be possible). Theres alot of charges going to be laid at someones door.

    As far as i can tell the $43 Billion deal is just set up costs NOT running costs. So therefore it’s $43 billon, plus running costs, plus the interest on the government bonds and it has a run a profit, so if it is not going to be an ISP it’s going to have to on charge to the usual suspects, who in turn will want to make a profit.

    it’s a big bill..

  4. chazfh Says:

    Moko, sorry was trying to link Kevin Rudd running the country and an increase in wowserism…

    The republic issue is not going to go away and we do have an election in the near future so it’s not unreasonable to start talking about it but Kev’s dumped it completely from the table. probably cus he won’t score any political points…

    As for the broadband thingy,28348,25308818-5014239,00.html

    This gives a few more figures but due to it’s source is not too balanced. i just don’t know who’se going to sign up for the private part of the agreement… or didn’t until Optus said they’re going to take part in the ISP filter project. Fortunately it will be only sydneyites who will be effected!

  5. bangarrr Says:

    Chaz long have I said “Why do we state governments? American cities with our whole population get by with a mayor”. OK I’ve simplified but the point remains.

  6. maggsworld Says:

    I give the broadband for all project two years before it gets bogged down… can someone say Yes Minister???

  7. Therbs Says:

    The model which flies best is a a two tier system of government – national and local. The local government side of things would not be as it is today. It would actually need to do stuff aside from rubbing out cigarettes from computer images.
    The infrastructure part of setting up the broadband network is the same as when phone lines were first put in. Then we’ll get fleeced when it comes to using the thing.
    Yep, we’re gonna get screwed.
    As for Turnbull, he’s still looking like a loser. Its the same bloody minded ego puffing which lost the last push to a republic. He’ll do the same to the Coalition, drowning them in his own smug self-belief.

  8. beeso Says:

    I’m not so sure we are going to get screwed. There are a lot of ISP’s out there with business models that due to Telstra screwing them have to operate on skinny margins. They know that they are much better positioned to go to go into a price war. Telstra though are used to making money by simply screwing everyone, so they would probably struggle running their business on skinny margins. As long as the infrastructure is never run by an ISP, i can see us getting realistic pricing.

    As for state governments, they are only good for creating another layer of bureaucracy and so keeping employment up

  9. chazfh Says:

    Beeso, i think the problem with the broadband is that it will be too tempting for the ruddbot to take control of it and do a ‘peoples ISP’. Just because it’s a mad idea doens’t mean it won’t happen..or at least Conroy will have a damn good go!

    On the state government employment front you’d find that there’d not be a lot of job losses at frontline levels, most will come from middle management

  10. abefrellman Says:

    Dunno mate – the technology is not my forte. But I know that if they are building something that the market can’t turn a profit on, there will be plenty of subsidies…so it’s plausible.

    Here’s another example…

    Every time someone catches the tilt train from Cairns to Brisbane, it costs the Qld taxpayer around a grand. (So with all this downtime this year it is probably having its best year ever.)

  11. chazfh Says:

    Abe thats a big subsidy.

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