Mixed messages

Seems to be alot of mixed messages being chucked around at the moment.

El Bulli has been taken to task by our inept Treasurer saying that he is instigating red panic over concerns about state owned companies buying into our resource sector and St Kev’s aparent willuingnes to barrack for the PRC on the world stage. Swanny claims it’s damaging our relations with the PRC


But then on the other hand Kev 24/7 seems happy with a defence review which highlights the PRC’s threat to the region


errr nothing like joined up thinking is there? Of course Swan is defending his position ahead of him making the decision whether to allow Chinalco’s attempt to slowly take over Rio. The question is do we want a man who doesn’t even know our CPI rate make a decision of this magnitude? Sorry silly me I forgot the Tintin will make the decision for him anyway!

Then we have the little problem of piggy flu.

It seems that in the current situation with a level five risk (out of 6) we should all be stockpiling food, drink and water, or so guvmnt plans say


However the Guvmnt is also saying “Don’t panic Mr Mannering!”

I can see the Guv’s point for once. as whilst the spread of unkosher flu almost meets the definition of a pandemic (ie present in morwe than 2 countries) the level of infection does seem to be quite small..esp compared with the SARS pandemic. So to stock up or not to stock up? It seems that we can use outrstimulus package monies to buy plasma TV’s but not on water, tissues and medical supplies in case we hear a cough.

Hmmm again signs of a Gov who like to talk but not make decisions nearby. Then again the Rodent would have probably sealed the borders and shot down any planes coming from mexico!


7 Responses to “Mixed messages”

  1. domesticdaze Says:

    Well, we’re all gonna be broke and we’re all gonna die. So whos up for the party? I have a nice bottle of Angoves Cab. Sauv. 2006 sitting here calling, ‘Drink me Daze, you know you want to.’ If I am going to be homeless and dying of the lurgy I am going to go out crissed as a picket and having a dam good time.

    We can all panic over what might happen Chaz but at the end of the day what ever will happen, will happen. I will deal with it then and not waste my time worrying about maybe, now.

  2. Dr Yobbo Says:

    The problem is ‘pandemic’ is a much scarier word than it actually means. Medically it means ‘lots of infections’ but doesn’t necessarily means ‘lots of bodies’. I get the ‘stockpile but don’t panic’ thing. Over here in NZ there’s gummint ads on TV on a regular basis with a washed up ex-soapie actor wandering around a digitally deserted Wellington explaining what peeps need to do in case of massive poofight (eg earthquakes, volcanic lahars, tsunamis, all them super things that NZ’s wacky geology makes possibly) so that sort of govt direction would probably be a lot less remarkable over here. The checklist for stuff you need to have stockpiled at home (at all times, I guess) is front inside page of the phonebook – three days food and water, torches, blankets, whatever.

    As for the PRC mining deal I could easily see the roles reversed if the parties were, could very much see PM El Toro vociferously backing the deal as good business sense and whoever was driving the Labor bus vociferously not on the basis of national interest et al. If the party logos weren’t differently shaped you’d be buggered telling them apart.

  3. LERMONTOV Says:

    Dirty dogs – the lot of them

  4. uamada Says:

    I’ve stopped watching the news this week – but kept up on the news sites – so i can read only the stuff that is not alarmist, that might give me info that i can use to make an informed decision.
    When i heard about the govt flu booklet that starts talking about stockpiling, but then the guy comes out and says “don’t worry just yet” I start worrying.
    so I have 1/2 a carton of Heineken, 3/4 vodka, 1/2 a bottle of CC. 12 fish fillets. Some frozen pastry meat thing. 4 tomatoes and some mushrooms that have grown mushrooms of their own. 5 tins of tuna, 4 boxes of microwave indian something, enough rice to make a chinese person go “shit thats a lot of rice”, 2 onions and some easter eggs that have turned white.
    question is. When the PRC invades armed with guns made from aussie metal & planes dropping bombs of tainted sweet and sour pork in mucus, will i survive?

  5. barnesm Says:

    What does the government mean “start stocking up”?

    For years the Australian Red Cross has recommended Australians maintain adequate food, water and other supplies to Sit In Place for 14 days, and everything necessary to pack and go and survive for 3 days if there is a disaster.

    Emergency Management Australia (a part of the Commonwealth Attorney Generals department – Who knew?) provides a guide ‘preparing for the unexpected’.

    Can’t save the world? then prepare for its end.

  6. havock21 Says:

    yeah, enough tinned shit I reckon for a week, when matched with the freezer in the shed and so forth. we typically have 4-6 large bottles of water on hand ( commercial type upright fountain, chilled and room temp), plus in a week we will have a 5K water tank, but need fucking rain. Got the Gen set, so the power could go off and we could still maintain the freezer and fridge for a while. WAS two vehicle..now one and a bit for a couple of days, Ammo, well thats NOT an issue. might need more cam paint though, better check and maybe its time I mad another Gillie suit as well, the last ones about fucked…ya never know.

    meds. well the cupboard has that many versions of anti biotics its not funny, two commercial grade first aid kits, fire extng, and caping gear aplenty, might also need to look at some Cam netting in the future, ute and commodore are already like a green colour, but oil and dirt make a good temp cam pattern on paint, not sure the missus would like that.

  7. maggsworld Says:

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Now if we run on the rebranded woolies and stock up at least they won’t go bankrupt this week!! Maggs

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