Darwin alive and well on the high seas

Saw this little article on the SMH and had to laugh


So it would seem that we don’t need Q-ships afterall. i wonder if the Kirov class battlecruiser thats out there could do the same trick?!

On a slightly less rosy note General Petraeus CO of CENTCOM has allegedly given Pakistan 2 weeks before tha taliban effectively take over the country


I say allegedly as I’ve also seen reports saying the the good Gen has refuted this statement although this angle seems to be only coming from Pakistan!

In reality considering their low troop numbers the Taliban would find it difficult to take over the whole of Pakistan and they’d proably stay clear of the coastal area mainly because it is so riven with ethnic tensions. However it would not take a big jump of imagination for them to take kashmir (the pakistani side) and probably Islamabad.

What is telling are the rumors coming out of the beltway that the Obama administration trust the pakistani army more than the pakistani civilian government. That is worrying as it’s the sort of talk that put Pakistan under military rule under General Zia in the first place.


12 Responses to “Darwin alive and well on the high seas”

  1. Nautilus Says:

    Do you read http://www.orbat.com/ it seems to have some insights into the whole thing and has done a reasonable job of predicting what is going to happen.

  2. Flinthart Says:

    Petraeus? Heh. Mr Reliable.

  3. chazfh Says:

    Naut, yep the guy at ORBat is pretty clued up

    Dirk,well Prez Obama seems to like him…

  4. Moko Says:

    I think the northern regions have a certain amount of sympathy towards the Taliban. It may be a similar ideological thing to what Hamas achieved in Gaza and the West Bank if they play their cards right. Pakistan need win the populations favour.

  5. chazfh Says:

    Unless it’s all a ploy by the military to get back to running the country..you see if they do another deal with the T like they’ve done before. Let them basically run the tribal adminstrative areas and such like then when push comes to show it’s the military pulling everyone elses fat out of the fire and they’re hero’s again. Oh and running the country…

    Lets face it the bottom line is that the Pakistani high command are still too concerned with any potential (in their mind) Indian threat than the nest of cobra’s it has let develop over the years in the tribal areas. The fact that there’s no indian threat (in reality) just doesn’t register..and thats whats worrying.

  6. LERMONTOV Says:

    I’d be more comfortable with a military dictatorship in Pakistan.

    Petraeus seems one of the more competent commanders in the US in recent times

  7. Guru Bob Says:

    Petraeus does seem to actually know what he is doing. I am very concerned about the whole Pakistan thing because we actually know they have nukes in that country and it seems to heading down hill very fast…

  8. maggsworld Says:

    Having lived in Pakistan, under a military dictatorship, I can assure you the generals are less corrupt and more orderly. And nothing wills top them squabbling with their Indian rellies. Like two brothers or sisters ding the demarcation thing… eye for an eye is alive and well in that part of the world. Still.

  9. Guru Bob Says:

    Read this article and then get the book:


  10. chazfh Says:

    Yeth mafther

  11. chazfh Says:

    GBob thanks for that. most of my asymetric conflict textbooks are pre 2000 so this will be a useful addition

  12. yankeedog Says:

    I read Orbat pretty regularly. The man in charge is from India originally and seems to have a handle on the South Asian mindset.

    One wonders if the Taliban attacks slow down once one of the Corps Commanders gets to be President of Pakistan. If you buy that the Taliban is largely funded and managed by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, how better to get back in power than by creating a ‘Phantom Menace’.

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