Another Ruddbot spray or just a wind up?

Had a chortle about the latest allegation ragarding the Boy Kevin and his ability to fly off the handle at the most miniscule things.

I have to say I hope its true but  considering the bad blood between the DoD and the Guvmnt i have to say that this could be a wind up.

More interesting is kev’s obvious contretemps with Nathan Rees.

The problem is that the Ruddbot has this glass jaw when it comes to either him perosnally or his relationships with others. This comes from his abckground and not actually having to admit either being wrong or being heavily queried. Some pollies just gloss over it. Kev just gets snarly.

On related matters it seems that the Audit office is going to investigate the broadband tenders whcih led to the Ruddband network announcement

And apaprently even after giving us all this money back..some receiving more than others, the guvmnt is still going to cut taxes.

Not certain if that is a good idea when tax revenues are falling  but there you go.


10 Responses to “Another Ruddbot spray or just a wind up?”

  1. Lermontov Says:

    Cutting tax is always a good idea. If only we’d start cutting welfare.

    And he certainly didn’t give us all the 900. Every time the neighour tells me about it – I keep thinking of it as a transfer of cash from me to her. I now hate the poor, lame, sick and lazy.

  2. chazfh Says:

    Lerm, you should know by now that as a man you ALWAYS end up paying no matter what!!!

  3. Flinthart Says:

    I’ve never understood the loathing of welfare. The safety net thing — that’s the single biggest advantage we have over places like the US. Try talking to Jennicki for a while as to what it means to know that losing your job means losing your healthcare – and knowing there’s not even a useful equivalent of ‘the dole’ to keep you out of the gutters.

    I have no problem with welfare in this country. I’ve seen too many successful and valued writers, artists and musicians get their start on unemployment. I know too many high-tax-paying businessfolk who got their start because they could afford to take a risk, knowing that if they failed it didn’t spell the end for them.

    I find the resentment of tax by the wealthy predictable, boring, and more than a little painful. Welfare is enough to keep people from starving, and not much else. You should think of it as a form of insurance, because if it isn’t paid – well, history shows that starving people with nothing to lose tend to take matters into their own hands with some violence.

    Further: idiotic right-wing religions take root amongst the poor and oppressed. Yes, the rich Saudis are Wahabi — in theory — but where do you find the suicide bombers and the fanatical jihadis? For every Osama, there are ten thousand Mohammed ibn Mohammeds, sons of the souk and the wadi. You want to see radical Islam (or hardcore USAnian christo-fundo-bullshit) settle firmly in Australia? Cut welfare: let the religious organizations move in to support the disenfranchised.

    Are there people claiming welfare dishonestly? I expect so, yes. What do we lose to them anyway? The little money we pay them is spent, not accrued. They are not becoming wealthy on your taxes. In fact, they’re shifting that money into the pockets of people even richer than you — and if you really want to get pissed off about the system, maybe that’s where you should be looking.

    Hmm. You’ve got me thinking now. I’m going to snarf most of this comment and whack it into my own blog. That’ll piss a few people off.

  4. LERMONTOV Says:

    ^ “I now hate the poor, lame, sick and lazy” – that isn’t serious dude!

  5. chazfh Says:

    The issue with the demonsing of welfare recipients is that they are easy targets, and there will be always so benefit cheats that the tabloid press can pick up so allowing all recipients to be suspect.

    It’s like government waste, all parties say they’ll get rid of it but they only chip at the edges (usually dmamging efficient depts) rather than cutting away the real waste like consultants and PPP’s.

  6. Therbs Says:

    Chaz – has to be a gee up.
    FH – shit. I was just last night telling someone to get hold of “How To Be A Man” to get advice on having the dole processed quickly. He loses his job today and needs some cheering up. He’ll also need to be lodging forms on Monday and that’s a fucking joy and a half.

  7. maggs Says:

    Chaz and Lermie – I didn;t get it either!! Yet Dopey ( the feral ex who has hardly worked) doe and did. Thus is Ozland. It is NOT always men that pay and if so – does that make me an honorary bloke?

  8. chazfh Says:

    Maggs you’ve always been an honoury bloke!

  9. Dr Yobbo Says:

    Therbs they’ve fkd with the system since Man was penned, layers upon layers of C*nterlink bureaucracy – not sure those wise words will still be valid. Still the general rorting principles should stand

  10. abefrellman Says:

    My guess: wind-up.

    But he is a penis.

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