‘Home Made’.. how very true

Last night was the first episode of channel 9’as new and much hyped design competion ‘Home Made’ and it certainaly lived up to it’s name.

Now there are some pretty basic guidelines when you start a competition show of this type:

  • You make it clear who’s who contestant wise
  • The guide/mentor is not a stereotype as they have to hold the show together
  • You need to know who is judging this
  • You need to know what the prize is.

The show failed on all counts. It’s not clear how much experience the contestants have, although part way through the first episode they kindly mentioned under the persons name what they did. The guide is labeled as a ‘design guru’ and ticked all the boxes for the stereotype of a camp designer..er couldn’t they have used a women (lesbian or othewise) or a straight man? there must be a couple in the industry.

The judges are a mystery..maybe they’re hoping it will make people watch the next episode in anticipation?

And the prize? well it was sort of chucked in the mix as a random comment $100K allegedly.

They’ve got the contestants all staying together in what looks to be a Double Bay exec house over looking the harbour. But nothing is explained…and then they split them into two teams but the editing is so haphazard it’s hard to know who’se  in which team.

Then the game starts err but budgets only get mentioned part way through, $50K a house (at least for the first house) and it’s clear that this is only basically made clear to the contestants late on as well. And the owners of the houses? They’re being made to sleep out in the garden. Now this is being touted as a BIG competion and they can’t put a family of four up in a Quest apartment for a week?

I was really looking forward to getting an additional double shot of interior design porn  (in addtion to Grand Designs) on my TV each week but unless they really smarten up this show i’ll be switching off.

Design is meant to be about style and class. So far the programe as shown neither of these attributes.Instead we’ve got confused programming and poor editing, dodgy competition design and a gay Harry Hill lookalike who’s not funny.

They should have poached Dermot from GD to run the show, again as it’s meant to be soooo BIG!

Score 1/10


9 Responses to “‘Home Made’.. how very true”

  1. Nautilus Says:

    Geez, I am disappointed I missed that one.

    Hard to beat grand designs though, the host knows his stuff and actually asks the questions you want answered. Unfortunately I have only caught a few episodes of that show.

  2. Therbs Says:

    Home Made? I was watching “Duel In The Pool”, Oz v Japan on Channel One. Woo hoo! Straya won! Just.
    Sounds like this reno show is a bit all over the shop. This has been done before hasn’t it? Couples renovating flats down at Bondi? Vaguely remembering a couple of poofs were hooked into that show for balance.
    Maybe this is replacing Big Brother.

  3. Dr Yobbo Says:

    This sounds like something which was made for the non-ratings period (aka TV Death) over the summer and accidentally shown during the year.

    The gay designer stereotype’s pretty ridiculous. There’s an ad on NZ TV for a prominent house builder using a shaven-headed, square-glassed ponce and a token chick ‘interviewing’ people about their interesting houses, built for them by the firm in question. Why do designers ‘have’ to be gay? My bro did design at Newy Uni and he’s not gay. In fact he’s banging an English pop singer. Then again he is a pretty crap designer so maybe there is some sort of equilibrium there.

  4. chazfh Says:

    funnily enough I got to know a few designers just after leaving uni not one of the blokes were gay. And milords Foster and the other tawt aren’t gay their just twats. And then you’ve got Jasper Conran who again is not gay just a moron.

  5. LERMONTOV Says:

    I shall endeavour to avoid this one at all costs! Hope all is well out West

  6. Maggie Says:

    I glanced in on this he other night and it is a take it or leave it with me opting for the leaving it option. I will be honest, I am NOT a fan of reality TV but have a weakness for design porn ( too)!! This did nothing for me. I suspect I would rpefer to watch paint dry!! Maggs

  7. havock21 Says:

    OK s we have now found another carcass which should be unceremoniously decapitated by the sound of it. Glad you took one for the team on this…CHEEEEERS, better you than me fluffy.

  8. hughesy Says:

    It’s TV Chaz – what did you think it would be?

  9. chazfh Says:

    Hughsey, yep i should have known better…..

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