To my fellow West Austrlain voters

Well around 55% of youare inbred retards…no thats unfair to that particular demographic. You’re pathetic, devolved trogoldites with the brain of a trilobyte and the rumor in the primordial ooze is that that particular isopod ancester wants it’s brain synapse back.

I can’r believe that Daylight saving has yet again been rejected.

It is yet again another argument about the requirement of removing the states as the secondary form of government here in Australia. What annoys me most is that it ignores the fact that it affects our relationship with the rest of OUR country. oh and the fact that many of our trading aprtners also have daylight saving time as well.

So all the eastern states will be sniggering behind their hands at how backward we are here. Now we just have to wait for the next fine from the ACCC because we don’t allow Sunday trading.


17 Responses to “To my fellow West Austrlain voters”

  1. LERMONTOV Says:

    You are in good company Chaz – we (Qld) don’t have it either! & we share a bloody time-zone with the bastards!

  2. Big Bad Al Says:

    You don’t want Daylight Savings. Your curtains fade, the cows run amok and Elephants will riot in the main street.

    You just stay out of sync with the rest of the country, just like us.

  3. Nautilus Says:

    Snigger, snigger!

  4. Beeso Says:

    Daylight savings to me is just like the 9-5 workday, a stupid leftover idea from last century. Why do we work 9-5 Why do we all go to work like good little drones. Having worked two jobs in the last ten years that have required unusual hours, I couldn’t give a stufff about daylight savings, I just start work early and finish early

  5. barnesm Says:

    One day I am sure that kicking and screaming WA will be dragged into the 21st Century.

    Though that will probably by 2257

  6. uamada Says:

    Dunno if daylight saving really puts you into more of an alignment with the rest of OZ. My company has factories over there, in NZ, sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. NZ & perth (and us) are always out of sync, doesn’t really affect too much, we e-mail a fuck load between us all.
    The sunday trade thing is just a bit wierd though. you have my contempt over that.

  7. Domesitc Daze Says:

    So, I’m taking it your not happy? Oh for the joys of democracy.

  8. Dr Yobbo Says:

    To be fair it’s less of a problem than it is for SE Qld. Can’t avoid the fact that WA’s always gonna be a problematic time zone for business with the rest of Aus. Is it an issue doing business with SE Asia?

  9. drej Says:

    Hear hear, agree with you 100%, just glad I still don’t actually have to vote !
    Oh, agree about daylight savings too

  10. maggsworld Says:

    Lermie and Chaz both live in a state like shining lights above the numnuts..LOL

  11. chazfh Says:

    Lerm: yes i don’t know whcih of us should be more ashamed!!

    BBA: Thats why i have blinds, as for the cows and elephants thats what the Holland & Holland in .460 nitro is for!

    Naut: your time will come (obviously 2 or 3 hours before mine!!)

    Beeso: however I do work basicly normal hours. I agree it’s archaic but thats life for us wage slaves…

    Barnes: thanks for that vote of confidence.

    Uamada: The three hour difference (without DST) is a nightmare when it comes to bank transfers. As for the sunday trading yes well it wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t get fined $20-30 million each year..

    DD, well yes it does mean that even the peons get their say! And look at the results!

    Dr Y: the issue is this continuing belief that soemhow this state is seperate from the rest of the country. This has been reinforced by the departed mining boon, and to be honest it pisses me off. It just goes to reinforce the parochialism of Dullsville.

    Drej: well you guys probably operate on your own non-euclidean timescale anyway up north!!

    Maggs: love you too..

  12. Flinthart Says:

    Jeez, Chaz.

    I grew up in the tropics. Towards the end of my time there, the never-to-be-sufficiently-excoriated fuckwad Bjelke-Petersen government imposed daylight savings on the entire state of Queensland. Fuck that referendum shit: Joh didn’t need no steenking referendum. He just hammered that legislation straight up the collective arsehole of everyone from Bamaga to Tweed Heads. (He was always thoughtful like that.)

    Took us nearly a decade to get rid of the shit. We had to get rid of Joh first — which was only marginally more difficult than getting rid of cancer of the haemorrhoids, if there is such a thing.

    I live in Tasmania now. Here, we have daylight savings and it makes sense. Getting up an hour later means we’re not waiting until lunchtime to see the sunrise. And an hour earlier in summer gets everyone off school and work with enough time to enjoy the long, warm twilight which makes a temperate afternoon and evening a thing of beauty — while rising an hour earlier makes no fucking difference, since the sun was up two hours before your brain recovered from last night’s beer anyway.

    But in the tropics?

    What an utter clusterfuck. What a nugget-fucking disaster on vibrating dildo-stilts. That ‘extra hour’ of light in the afternoon really translates to being footloose and fancy-free while it’s still too screamingly, steamingly hot to think. And of course, by the time the sun finally goes down and the residual heat in the ground begins to dissipate enough that you can breathe without an environment suit (about an hour and a half after full dark in Brisbane, which isn’t even fully tropical!) it’s nine fucking thirty at night, and there’s no time left to do anything except sponge the sweat off your balls and curse the government arse-jackers who thought it was a good idea to mess with your circadian rhythms.

    Of course, that was Queensland. Who knows? My experience of Western Australia is indeed limited. Perhaps all that Western Australian territory north of Capricorn is blessed by a miraculous temperate current which transforms the climate and changes the way sunlight strikes the planet…

    … but probably not. So: on behalf of everyone in Western Australia who lives north of Perth, please imagine me with my thumb to my nose, waving my fingers indelicately at the sky while facing in your general direction.

  13. chazfh Says:

    Dirk, mate, pfffftt!!!

  14. drej Says:

    Well, as probably the only reader of this blog who fits that description : right back at ya, Flinty! :p

  15. havock21 Says:

    OH LMFAO. beautiful. cares, its WA, I mean really…NOT ME..Your problem i suspect!..still having a chuckle too btw.

  16. Damian Says:

    There’s a bit of morning or night person to this. Morning people would generally be against DST, since it works by pillaging time from the morning.

    But Flint, in Brisbane in summer it doesn’t really start to cool down till after midnight, when it can still easily be over 30C. For folks who can’t acclimatise to that, there’s really no relief. The long mornings can help though, so your point holds.

    OTOH consider tradies, who will continue starting at first light and knocking off just after the hottest part of the day to spend the afternoon drinking, regardless of what time everyone else thinks it is. And while diary seems to have gone all over to big business, at least something of the same applies there.

  17. chazfh Says:

    In the end I don’t really think that people have really thought about this with their heads and the ‘no’ vote is more about WA’s ‘independence’ rather than what that extra hour will do.

    It’s like sunday trading..

    I’m just surprised the streetlights don’t go off after 10:30pm like they used to in Adelaide…..

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