Someone wants some attention

After a brief flurry of interest by launching a IRBM/ICBM into the pacific ocean, it seems that N Korea has felt that it has lost the world attention, thanks to the capitalistic world having more important things to worry about compared to the unfashionable end of teh korean peninsula.

So in true heroic style it’s exploded a nuke…or so it claims. And also test fired a short range missile

The funny thing is of course that a single nuke test is estimated to cost the beggar kingdom a significant amount of it’s GDP as does each IRBM/ICBM test. Well as there are allegedly sanctions on luxury goods going to the stunted intellectual dwarf that is the Dear Leader maybe he now has more money to spend on explody goodness.

The thing, is whilst we are more than well aware of all those thousands of tubes of arty and hundreds of SRBM’s that are aimed accross the DMZ, one has to wonder if in the end the DPRKarmed forces could actually fight a war and if it’s kit would actually work…

Talking about kit working ..or not rumors continue to fly that the Pakistani gov or military… is ramping up is nuclear weapons production

So thats good news isn’t it?


6 Responses to “Someone wants some attention”

  1. Dr Yobbo Says:

    Pathetic ain’t it? It’s not the UN we need to sort Kim out, it’s Supernanny.

  2. chazfh Says:

    Or that woman who does dog obedience, you know the brunette with the leather gloves and boots…..or am i thinking of someone else….?

  3. LERMONTOV Says:

    I’m a bit over that crazy dude!

  4. uamada Says:

    I read the story on BT today and got nervous… you just know that the deterrent they are referring to is basically – “if anybody comes through those gates, and we don’t like them, we’re going to make this whole northern part of the peninsula glow in the fucking dark, while all us soldier and important types are locked away in the bunkers. Then after all kinds of death has been blown to the 4 winds. We’ll come out and ass rape our way through what’s left of japan and south korea. just for kicks.”
    Have you seen north Korea on google earth. it’s all bunkers. everywhere is bunkers. They don’t need to send the bombs anywhere. just blow up the part of their country that sees daylight.

  5. havock21 Says:

    UM, apart from being spared DAEWOOOOOS, which actually is a BONUS, does anybody really think we will miss Sth Korea if its gone!, or JAPAN for that matter, We just buy more PRC goods and that will help jump start their economy again and hey presto, we are outta the recession.

    hmmmm, that might be a bit mad hatter i reckon,….jury is still out.

  6. Therbs Says:

    Its funny how these dictators, in amongst internal power squabbles over succession (I’m tipping a military junta for North Korea), turn to fireworks displays to show every one that they’re not to be messed with. This touching bit of overwrought, paranoid tantrumming only leads the rest of the world to think that North Korea needs to sit in the naughty corner again.

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