Almost beyond belief..well almost

I had to laugh at Sol Trujillo parting shots at Austrlaia as he scurrys back accross the pacific with wads of cash sticking out of his pockets.

It would seem that HIS failiure to improve Telstra’s performance both materially and in the share market is because the Lucky Country is backward and racist. not because he is incapable of doing his job properly and has a history of screwing up telecomms companies.

I just wonder which unlucky set of shareholders are going to be his next victims.

Talking about victims, I read with interest how the death of one son and the serious wounding of another has effected the mental stability of their mother.

Much like the old time East End firms it seems that Peter and Anthony Zervas loved theuir mum. But just like the mothers of the Moran boys and Carl Williams it’s clear that there is a real disconnect between mrs Bromwich’s rose tinted vison and the brutal reality of the world that her sons lived in and made money out of. I see it as ironic that only now with one son in the ground and another serious injured that she has partially seen the light, ignoring the misery that the actions of her sons and their associates have brought upon probably hundreds if not thousands of families over the years. 

And talking about criminal organisations it seems that the church of Scientology is living up to the Arch-Thetans legacy by hvaing some of it’s top aliens in waiting  coming up before the beak to answer charges of fraud.

Shocking n’est pas?


7 Responses to “Almost beyond belief..well almost”

  1. Therbs Says:

    Sol – another leech who now needs to be ignored.
    Standover thugs (Zervas) – reminds me of the Piranha Brothers skit by Monty Python, a take-off of the portrayal of teh Crays as lovaeable.
    Standover thugs (Scientology) – ain’t it good to know that when believing in flying saucers-as-God leads to ripping off hapless victims that the perpetrators suddenly get all legal, logical and blameless. Wonder if they’ll swar on the bible when they give evidence.

  2. domesticdaze Says:

    It seems responsibility is sadly lacking across the board in one way or another here.
    That and a lack of any common sense what so ever.

  3. Dr Yobbo Says:

    A series of fraudulators and scumbags desperately in need of a karma get-square.

  4. Moko Says:

    Seems to me the Zervas boys were mosttly responsible for their own destiny. Just like you and me are. It’s like racing cars and being surprised when you hit a wall.

    Old mate Sol. He’s probably right in some regards, but yeah, mirrors tell the truth.

  5. LERMONTOV Says:

    And I always thought that amigo meant friend! ANd for sheer bloody minded ignorance he is awarded the ‘fuck off and die’ award. Western countries are far less racist (I’m not saying that there is no racism) than almost all others. Presumably that idiot has travelled to India or China – if not, he should get off his lazy arse and do so. Check out some hardcore institutionalised racism. Fucking deadbeat. Ditto the religous nuts. No idea re Zervas – but fuck’em anyway!

  6. beeso Says:

    I always thought amigo meant that he was a mexican bandit!

  7. Nautilus Says:

    Sol is spot on, Australia is going to have to keep searching internationally if it wants to continue to find corporate leaders with a history of fucking up so they can then come here and do the same.

    What exactly did Sol achieve in his time here? What has achieved at any of the telcos he has run aside from putting them all on collision course with Govt?

    As for Mrs Zervas, you wonder if maybe she made excuses for her boys for too many years instead of making them accountable for their actions?

    Scientology? If you were in the pub and after a few beers decided to invent a religion (I have actually done this), the concept your booze addled brain would devise would be very similar to Scientology. The freaky thing is that there are sober people that will jump on board.

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