Warning! warning! new Chaz day announced

Okay so it looks like the place in Sydney will settle in late July.

Sooooo it has been decided  that I will do the handover and instruct the managing agents and will be in the City on the Harbour for at least three days.

So it looks like we’ll get to celebrate Chaz day earlier than anticipated.

Normally I’d suggest BBQ Kng but I’ve been pretty dissapointed there and heard a lot of negative feedback recently as well. I was thinking of Philps Foote for a change. it’s relatively cheap and it’s always fun cooking you’re own steak. What say you Sydneysdiers?


11 Responses to “Warning! warning! new Chaz day announced”

  1. Big Bad Al Says:

    This Chaz Flew In is worse than Piggy Flu!

    I suggest the Sydney Burgers go into a 7 day quarantine at a suitable location that has ample supplies of BBQ animal and liquid refreshment.

  2. LERMONTOV Says:

    Have a great time – I’m sure Therbs knows about 200 pubs for a sharpie or two after!

  3. chazfh Says:

    BBA, what a smart man you are!

    Lerm, I wonder if they’d let us into the Ivy?!! my old pub in the CBD was The brooklyn but time has not treated it well. it used to be one of the best places to have steak at lunch time and they made it into a asian food dining, very sad as it was an excellent place to people watch.

  4. bangarrr Says:

    I guess we have to share you around, got to be about time we had another Melbourne Burger get together though.

  5. chazfh Says:

    Bangar, i had hoped to be over either in Jun or July but i had to be on the back on marcela coming over or me getting a sale through so i could get another sustainability training course in.

  6. Nautilus Says:

    What is it with Sydney and cooking your own steak?????

    First time I went to Syd with work they took me out to a cook your own place.

    To me the whole point in going out for dinner is to have your food cooked by someone that will do a better job than you can. I am thinking about launching a new Syd restaurant where you get to do your own dishes after the meal and I will only whack on a $30 surcharge for the priviledge.

  7. chazfh Says:

    Naut it’s good cus you can always take the piss out of the culinary challenged!

    Anyway i’m open to suggestions, but I’ve promised marcela that Chaz day in sydney will not be as expensive as the last one in melbourne!!

  8. Therbs Says:

    Hey Chaz – the Foote ain’t a bad option. One of the decent steak pubs, The Metropolitan, happens to be sat above the Maccas in George St (entrance via Bridge St, up the stairs). They keep a fair wine selection and the beer taps are clean. Steaks are what they do best and it ain’t over priced (but there’s also stuff like that pernicious salt’npepper squid on the menu). I know the licensee after being a customer at his various pubs over a number of years. We should avoid any faux Irish pubs.

  9. chazfh Says:

    Therbs: you know i’ve always avoid the Met because of the Maccas!!

    Shall we go to the Est afterwards?

  10. Therbs Says:

    I remember when the space occupied by Maccas uded to be part of the pub. Maccas used to put me off the place as well.
    The Establishment may let me in but we’d need to take my bosses’ expense card with us. I’m always a bit wary of that place ever since the WWE wrestlers went there once for a post-match piss-up. I was talking to one young’un who slipped in there at the time, breathed a sigh of relief that he’d got inside only to look up and see one of the wrestlers looking down at him, slowly shaking his head. The wrestler was Batista.

  11. chazfh Says:

    Therbs what about Gaucho Grill?

    it’s now in darlinghurst, but took my mother in law to it when it was in Kirribilli. If we meet (geddit?) on say a mon-thursday we can do BYO.

    Anyone else thinking of attending?

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