The Peninsula war and other things

was watching ‘Brotherhood of the Wolf’ the other night and it jangled a few ganglia.

I revisited my old notes for an idea based on a group of forces in the napoleonic era being chucked over to an alternate world with a low to medium mana level. One of the mian threads was the decline of the christain faith in the face of more ‘active’ dieities.

Anyway I need to know the following items,

*does anyone know if dutch engineers were used as mercenaries by the british forces. 

*Did french, portugese and spainish forces have military chaplins…

* did the bristish offices bring over spouses for the campaign

Any help appreciated.

9 Responses to “The Peninsula war and other things”

  1. LERMONTOV Says:

    No idea on the first two – but, certainly some officers’ wives stayed with their husbands on campaign. The most famous is probably this lady

    I’ll look into the priest thing for you. NFI re Dutch engineers


  2. Moko Says:

    Just watched the trailer. Looks alright. Worth a gander?.

    Wouldn’t have the foggiest on the rest, soz.

  3. chazfh Says:

    lerm, ta mate.

    moko, I like the movie (of course it’s got monica belucci in it!!) but it’s also the implied isolation of the region that is great. Also the cinematopraphy is good.

  4. Nautilus Says:

    The who did what where now? Napoleon, that’s a kind of ice cream isn’t it?

    I don’t think I am going to be much help on this one.

  5. havock21 Says:

    I’d be dam surprised if the frogs didnt have a version of a chaplin..but I’ll see what we can dig up

  6. Therbs Says:

    The Brits use Dutch engineers whenever they have to build dykes, windmills or hash cafes.

  7. chazfh Says:

    H: the revolution sort of reduced the influence of the french church..

    Naut ..yes not alot of food in this post…

    Therbs: I seem to remember Dutch mercs being used besides the German ones by the English during the napoleonic era but can’t rmeeber if they used engineers..

  8. Big Bad Al Says:

    The British used mercenaries including Duch Engineers in the West Indies in the 1700s onward.

    Yes. Especially the Catholic Countries.

    Yes, and the senior NCOs also.

  9. chazfh Says:

    BBA, okay so i’m not on that sticky a wicket then….


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