Wired and wierder

Wired has become moring reading fro me especially Noah’s ‘danger room’ blog. Noah for the nekulturnay used to be the editor of Defensetech. Today I saw a couple of amazing stories.

Firstly a link to some chinese guy who’s english is not the best but who is pretty good at drawing stuff digitally


I like the idea of subcarriers, but this one has so many problems thats it’s not funny. I just hope he does design stuff for the PLAN (then they’ll never be a serious threat)! 

Next is a youtube presentation to strike a cold fear through Barnes and any others awaitng the singularity


Sleep well y’all!!!


One Response to “Wired and wierder”

  1. yankeedog Says:

    That big subcarrier thingie would be unwieldy and make as much noise as a junk wagon underwater.

    It would, however, make a great vehicle for the Thunderbirds to operate from.

    ‘Thunderbirds sub-carrier-Go!’

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