Now i feel much safer…

It’s good to see North korea taking a balanced stand n the worlds codemnation of it’s latest nuke threatening to weaponise all it’s plutonium!

My main concern would not be nukes though but a proliferation of ‘dirty’ bombs whcih would not take too long to produce and would be easier to use. no-one in the media though seems to have twigged to this avenue…..

Also nice to see Mr A re-elected as president of Iran. The fact that it looks like there was widespread electoral fraud is neither here nor there. Comrade Chavez was allegeldy the first on the phone offdering his congratulations on a job well done. This turn of events is going to really stir the pot in the ME and you can now guarantee more trouble in Lebannon after Hezbollah’s little power bloc failed to win the recent elections.

I wonder how quick the PRC and Russia will be in recognising the result?Israel must be loving it though and I’d bet some additonal targeting of those Jericho II’s has been done in celebration.


3 Responses to “Now i feel much safer…”

  1. havock21 Says:

    Another REASON to turn the joint into a CAR PARK!

  2. Therbs Says:

    The NK’s do this every time another country or power bloc says they’re naughty. If we just ignore them for a while their tanties will diminish.

  3. chazfh Says:

    Therbs normally i’d agree with you. However I just worry about them cracking open those fuel rods, where will that green glowing stuff end up?

    personally if i was the US I’d just say ‘when you’ve decided you’r going to act like a gown ups we’ll talk” and then close down every moneymaking scam they’ve got.

    The problem is we don’t know if they would push south in an orgy of self destruction. Their generals will know they can’t win against the USA and S Korea. So they must have an endgame besides bugging across to beijing when the place collapses.

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