Nothing brings a smile to my face..

….than reading about a self rightious pollie getting caught with his pants down.

The only thing that could make this story better would have been if the affair had been with a man rather than a wonan. but I suppose I shouldn’t be too picky. But there is soemthign really special about thses pollies who preach ‘christian family values’ and then diddle the staff.

The added irony is of course that he castigated slick willy when he was doing the same back in the ’90’s. I’ve got no doubt that alot of Democrats are happy about this event, although they proably still don’t undertsand that there is a differance when the person invovled is a senator or Governor compared with the POTUS.

All good stuff.

And talking of hypocritcal pollies it seems the expenses scandal in the UK shows no signs of abating with the claims being put on the web but only after being heavily edited.

I can see alot of MP’s losing their seats in the next election back in the morther country.

Hmm I wonder ifwe could have a similar scandal over here? Surely not under the whiter than white administration of St Kevin of the Ute!

Am planning to see Term: Salv this weekend plus state of play. Have a good one all.


10 Responses to “Nothing brings a smile to my face..”

  1. Therbs Says:

    The problem with the Brits claim-jumping is that their system is designed for easy rorting. Ours is pretty much straight up. They all get into the T.A. trough and electoral allowances but its an accepted practice because Canberra’s a bastard of a place (except of course for the War Memorial, Fyshwick and the fact that you can buy beer in milk bars). No-one begrudges a politican the mortgage payments on a dive in Phillip or Kingston. The poor sucker actually has to stay there for a good portion of the year. I guess that’s why booze is so easy to get hold of.

  2. Dr Yobbo Says:

    Re the Republican clown – was just thinking the same thing, it was a pity there isn’t a Puerto Rican rentboy somewhere in the mix there. Just for the illegal immigrant bashing element as well.

    As to the rortage in the Mother Country – not sure who’ll benefit, looks like the rorts are down both sides of politics. The Lib Dems? Hmmm.

  3. Therbs Says:

    Dr Y – the Lib Dems are in fact dangerously close to usurping Labour as the second major player in Brit politics. Un-fucking-believable.

  4. Dr Yobbo Says:

    I suppose unlike the ‘Liberals’ here (who aren’t, they’re conservatives) at least the Brit Lib Dems do approximately do what it says on the tin. But still…

  5. LERMONTOV Says:

    Speaking of immigrant bashing – the old BNP did ok out of it at the European elections – the whole world is off its rocker

  6. chazfh Says:

    The Lib Dems were my party back in the UK but for the BNP to win seats as MEP’s well it’s not good.

    Labour are going to see a big fall in the next elections. The trouble is that they will not dare face the electorate. At least the rodent had the ticker to stand up ‘one more time’ brown is a waste of space and has wrecked Labours credability.

    What about that Greens senator and the baby, stitch up or genuine mistake?

  7. paulboylan Says:

    That’s where we are different, my friend. Nothing makes me smile like a self-righteous pollie with her pants down.

  8. chazfh Says:

    Paul and talking about Anne Coultar (not quite a pollie but as good as)

  9. beeso Says:

    Dunno if i could watch State of Play after consuming the whole BBC miniseries in one weekend. Whew, thats some damn good TV.

  10. chazfh Says:

    Beeso, am going to watch the movie first then buy the tv series that way i reckon i’ll be pleasently surprised!

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