Canberra Consipracies

Well the UteGate stoush rumbles on with the email which is the centre of the allegations about the Ruddbot, his friend the car dealer, and Swansong our illustrious Treasurer and their alleged love-in, now having been found.

But wait for’s a fake!! The ALP found the email at the Treasury and have now searched the home of the hapless civil servant interviewed the other week, one Goodwin Grech.

This of course raises more questions than it answers.

  • Is this all a plant by a coalition mole  in the Treasury?
  • Or is this an attempt by the Guvmnt to either smoke out possible moles or whistleblowers before things get real sticky at the Treasury, which has gone horribly wrong
  • Finally is this a plot by the PM or his office to discredit Swansong and El Bulli in one hit.

In the end there is one real issue here, a continual politicisation by this Government of the Civil Service. Basically the Boy Kevin is trying to cement his power in a way the Rodent only dreamed of.

This is not so   an idea as the Labour Party  have done much the same in the UK whilst in power. And there are lots of links between the ALP and the Labour Party.

Finally have to throw a quick salute to the Ruddbot for his use of a church to deliver a stern and moralistic rebuke against El Bulli yesterday.


10 Responses to “Canberra Consipracies”

  1. Therbs Says:

    I’m thinking this was a pretty major play about nothing by the Bullshitter. Someone’s led him astray and it could be a big embarassment if he can’t come up with something pretty quick. I reckon Turnbull’s showing a lack of political sharpness here. Could well bite him on the bum.

  2. Moko Says:

    Old mate Turnbull should cop a REAMING over it. I really don’t give a shit about their school yard crap, but with him saying “Rudd has NO choice other than resigning”….ROFLMAO….Mistress Karma is a BITCH. I’m actually dying to see how he wriggles out of it. He WILL, no doubt, but it’ll hang over him for a LONG TIME. Heard Rudd giving him a good going over about it earlier. Funny as.

    Think ya need to get off the coffees if ya reckon this is some sorta gubbermint conspiracy to do whatever tho. DOn’t believe anyone in top jobs knew anything about it till Turnbull ran a mile with it.

  3. Dr Yobbo Says:

    From this perspective (a bloody long way abstracted admittedly) looks like none of the participants have covered themselves in much of anything fragrant, but the Born To Rule chappie’s manic desperation to get mileage out of this is probably the most illuminating element – he knows his window of op to make something of being leader of the op is small and narrowing, particularly after all the platitudes sent Costello’s way on his retirement made him look a bit crap by comparison. Must have felt the need to Do Something Drastic, but seems to have made an arse of himself. Couldn’t have happened to a lovelier bloke o’ course…

  4. LERMONTOV Says:

    Agree re politicising the Public Service. Rudd is taking this further and faster than any previous Aust Federal politician. Who knows where this will end.

    Turnbull (like 30 Corps) seems to have gone a bridge too far with this. He should have focussed on Swan.

    Rudd is starting to make Howard look good. Or maybe each successive government just gets closer to the sink-hole than their predecessor in a downward spiral of slime.

  5. chazfh Says:

    I never thought the Ruddbot was involved in dodgy dealings, it’s just not in his make-up (compared to many of his colleagues who’d do it in a flash).

    But the who and why about the email forgery is damned interesting… Shame that El Bulli made a fool of himself, but then thats politics for you!

    But then you know the Fitzgibbon affair seemed alot of nothing until he finally went cus he was clearly inept at being a pollie. Maybe this is about Swansong and he’s pissed of one CS too many. Abe’s the man who’d know about that. I think Mr S is too weak to do that but who knows.

  6. LERMONTOV Says:

    “But the who and why about the email forgery is damned interesting”

    Yeah, I must admit I’m more than a little curious about this. As you allude, all the potential suspects make for an interesting tale. Turnbull must never have heard of Peter Reith & Swan will now wriggle off the hook. Did PC pull the trigger a week too soon!

    “Shame that El Bulli made a fool of himself, but then thats politics for you”

    He seems like the sort of bloke who’ll bugger up like this again. I have little faith in him. I don’t think this will force him to go – but, I reckon it could be the beginning of the end. But, which imbicile could take over from him? I’d love to see Abbot go crazy!

  7. chazfh Says:

    Lerm, funny thing is that at times like this we should be seeing the state liberals’ self destructing. However they seem to be getting stronger.

    I think El Bulli will be out within 6 months unless he can get a scalp. Next in line? Well that’ll be Joe Hockey, however it would be fun to see Tony Abbot and the Ruddbot go head to head..two godbotherers in a sack!

  8. Therbs Says:

    I’d like to see how much the Libs will put up with. Any piece of criticism from the Bull will get a response from Rudd about fake emails and children overboard. All it takes is for the ALP to continue hammering the weakness and eventually the Libs will replace Turnbull. The Libs need to swap from 20-20 tactics to Test match strategies. They’re currently splitting on the Alcopop tax bill and aren’t cohesive on carbon trading (but who the fuck is cohesive on that?). They’re simply giving away too many runs, dropping way too many catches and need to avoid those stupid run outs.

  9. chazfh Says:

    Therbs, I agree but then who’ll replace him? if El Bulli was smart he resign as leader of the opposition and then come back at a later date.

    The Monk made some interesting comments about the Ruddbot’s ‘equaly false’ claims about the AWB scandal back when he was in Opp. And now Roxon’s saying ‘we should all get over this’.

    I think Swansongs very fragile on this issue and the Guvmnt want to move on quickly now that St Kev’s been shown to be clean. if they can destabilise El bulli oin the long run thats good esp is we do get a double dissolution over ETS

  10. Therbs Says:

    If the Libs keep going for Swan then Labor will respond by being ruthless on Bull. Does Hockey want the job right now? If so, he’ll be at Swan’s throat. This has been tactically amateurish by the Libs given the threat of a double dissolution. Turnbull went in with something shiny at the first opportunity but found he had a Christmas toy, broken before the first ball was bowled in the Boxing Day Test.

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