Rudd on Rove, what a cop out.

One has to hand it to the Ruddbot he knows how to get good media spin.

Of course he bottled out of being shown live with Sacha baron cohens new character ‘Bruno’. And in the end it clearly shows how much he dislikes anything he can’t properly manage.

PR wise it’s all good press, of course this sort of appearance is crap and to be honest not what I want my PM to be doing. The issue here is the the Boy Kevin wants to be a popular PM, it seems respect is not as important as popularity. Well I suppose after being with Koschie for so long this is a natural progression, what next? Presenting a special of “deal or no deal”? or maybe ‘ACA’ or ‘Today Tonight’?

Shame he doesn’t have the ticker to appear on the 7:30 report even though kerry o’brien would give him a relatively soft interview.


3 Responses to “Rudd on Rove, what a cop out.”

  1. Nautilus Says:

    Dancing with KRudd coming soon.

  2. Dr Yobbo Says:

    I see this as no different as the eye-gougingly awful ‘visits to the Nine commentary box’ JW Howard pulled while in office. Actually worse, because at least there’s the mildest prospect of something going wrong on Rove.

    You want to go on live TV with that loose cannon? Not bloody me mate!

  3. chazfh Says:

    Dr Y, nah this is worse, the Rodent never felt the need for this level of populism mainly cus he never the felt the need to make people like him.

    The Boy Kevin must have had an awful time at school this sort of spin shows a person to have some quite basic self estime issues.

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