Honduras, Coup or Revolution?

I have to say Ireally don’t know what to make of this little bit of argybargy in meso-america.

As I understand it the events run as follows:

-Zelaya is elected on a center right ticket but has become more populist and leaning towards my ol mate Hugo

-With new presidential elections coming up soon he decides that he’s not ready to step down and wants more time at the trough. As the constitution won’t allow this ( purposely designed not to avoid Chavez clones) he decides to go for a weird referendum.

– Instructs the army to distribute ballot boxes, the army says get stuffed, so the prez sacks the cheif of staff.

– The supreme council tell the Prez he can’t do that.

– Around three companies of troops turn up at the palace and help the Prez pack his bags  to go on a long holiday.

– Congress decides on a temporary prez (the speaker as per the constitution) and says that if Zelaya sets foot in the country again he’ll be prosecuted, Supreme court starts to draw up legal papers to facilitate such action.

– the UN and OAS spit the dummy and lots of nations withdraw diplomatic relations with Honduras

– Zelaya makes various claims to be flying back toHonduras but never seems to quite make it. 

So the question is if the democratically elected members of congress have acted to stop the president trying to change the constitution for his own ends (Like his mates Chavez and Correa have)  is it really a coup? Is the army is defending the constution and acting on the orders of Congress ( I bet there are now docs to prove this) ?

All very strange, I have to say the Latin America does not need another Chavez fan club member in the mix for an unspecified period of time. Many constitutions were designed to stop effective dictatorships and slowly these checks and balances are being eroded. Only Chile, Brasil, Colombia and Argentina seem to be able to maintian vigorous democracies at the moment .

I can understand the way the OAS and UN have acted, however realpolitick may force them to act otherwise.

9 Responses to “Honduras, Coup or Revolution?”

  1. Moko Says:

    The Army SHOULD act on whoever is legit. Sounds like the Prez is going rogue for personal gain and is in desperate need of an accident if his actions undermine the greater good. If that is what it is.

  2. chazfh Says:

    Moko, Actually i disagree the army should act only as a last resort and only when directly ordered by the ‘untainted’ (in this instance)government. Normally it should be the police acting but i understand that the Honduran police are pretty crap (even for latin america).

    Look, as Hugo Chavez is directly supporting Zemalya means that I think he was goin for ‘el presidente for life’. The UN and OAS have to say what they say as they wish to avoid precidence. However their position will become untenable if elections follow on as normal.

    In the old days he’d be taken into the bush and shot so i guess Zemalya should be greatful!

  3. Therbs Says:

    Zelaya was thinking that at least there’s not a lot of American college students hanging out there to attract U.S. Marines on rescue missions and story lines for Clint Eastwood movies. Mind you, Grenada was sparked after their P.M. was taken for one of those ‘walks’.
    The elected officials obviously don’t want the bugger around any more fiddling with the constitution, dictator-style. If he does land he gets arrested. Any other South American leader wnats to get involved then it gets bigger with lines starting to be drawn in the sand and soldiers cleaning their rifles and checking their ammo stockpiles. That’s something to be avoided. Maybe Chavez should just give good ol’ Zels a job in the stores warehouse or something. Keep him in beer money and off the streets.

  4. Moko Says:

    Yeah yeah yeah for sure. Meant they should act, if needed, as a last resort, whatever, to whoever is legit and fighting the good fight for the benefit of their society.

    The ‘accident’ comment was tongue in cheek.

  5. LERMONTOV Says:

    I have no idea on this one. It would be interesting to know to whom or to what the Army swears allegiance i.e. US Style, to the Constitution; or UK-Aus Style, to the Head of State.

  6. chazfh Says:

    Lerm good question, I actually think it’s to the state

  7. havock21 Says:

    Ah, then its to the QUEEN, I think we need to find out WHO their Queen is..??/ Long live her Majesty

  8. chazfh Says:

    their queen is probably some waxed 20 year old tranny who’s just come back form Rio after his/her operation!!!!!

  9. Therbs Says:

    Their queen is Bruno.

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