Masterchef Australia, did the best cook win?

Masterchef has been a big hit for Channel 10, and after a rocky start..hit and miss presenting, not stating the aim of the competition besides being “Masterchef’ it finally hit it’s stride mid-series.

However in the end I’m just not convinced that the best Cook won last night. Julies tart was clearly not as good as her competitors, neither was the presentation, and yet she scored 9/10 with all the judges.

It has to be said that there seemed to be a meme of keeping Julie in the competition no matter what in the last week. She should have been removed in all the elimination tests and yet she always ‘just hung in there’. In my mind the final should always have been either Chris facing off against either Poh or Justine. Chris either got too arrogant or maybe realised that Julie was always going to win and so took his foot off the peddle.

The deciding factor for me that said that something was rotten in the state of Denmark was the Donna Hay challenge. The challenge was about presentation..primarily and Julie did not plate up any of her dishes correctly. Chris’s dishes were not as good as they could have been, but Poh’s dishes were just too confronting for Donna’s clearly pedestrian tastes. However it was clear that the presenters couldn’t kick out poh for serving well presented if ‘niche’ dishes so Chris had to go. So there was some clear racism going on as because the judges could not be seen to be biased against Pohs food (cus they didn’t like the food even though it was cooked to perfection), but for Donna Hay to clearly insult the hundreds of thousands of Australians with Asian background by calling Poh’s food ‘niche’ was incredible.

It’s a real shame that the series just did not live up to it’s potential. I nearly puked when Julie said at the end that she wanted her customers to feel ‘loved’ and just to serve ‘unpretentious food’. Julie has some big self image problems and I don’t think she’ll survive the kitchen training that is promised, unless of course the chef’s involved pussy foot around here sensibilities.

I have to agree with alot of comments out there that it seemed that Julie won because it was believed that her cookbook would sell best in Australia as it would present un-threatening, homely food. missing the point that either Chris’ or Poh’s cookbooks would probably also have true international appeal.

My conclusion is that in the end, the winner of Australia’s first Masterchef competition was parochialism…How sad.

20 Responses to “Masterchef Australia, did the best cook win?”

  1. Moko Says:

    Ok, I’ll pretend I cared about the show…


    …no…sorry. I’ve nothing.

    OH, ok, here ya go. My comment would be that in the end the channel needs a product to sell. Not only will it be a book, but the flash in the pan – (‘cuse the pun) – ‘celebrity’ needs to be a good marketable product too. They just PRAY that the best chef is also the best looking, the best talking, funny, but not a clown, and scrubs up well. Photogenic doesn’t hurt either.

    Someone that gets on tele and talks about stew just isn’t swish enough.

    …and THAT’S without having seen much of it. I believe the Poh was called back in to the show where the other chick flogged it all the way…

    Maybe that’s just my sus nature.

  2. chazfh Says:

    Moko, to be honest when it first came on i thought the whole format was crap. But then I started watching again it from about 50% of the way through and got hooked.

    I think that Channel 10 have done theri marketing wrong as i don’t think people wanmt 1960s and 1970s style food at the moment and thats what Julies cookbook will be about.

  3. Moko Says:

    Cheap tasty practical nutritious food would be the go at the mo.

  4. chazfh Says:

    That’ll be fishfinger sarnies on white bread, then eh?

  5. Therbs Says:

    Justine should have won. I’d love to see her book of desserts (phwoah, f’nar f’nar!).
    Julie played the bag-of-nerves crying game really well. Boo hoo, I’m just a struggling housewife cooking for my family, and I miss them, boo hoo. If it was genuine, fair enough but last night looked very well staged to me.
    Spag bol using sausage mince and Home Brand tomato sauce, baked beans and cheese jaffles, and Spam burgers all need to be added to the recession cookbook.

  6. LERMONTOV Says:

    Didn’t watch an episode – but should be a great final day at Lords!

  7. chazfh Says:

    Therbs: what about batter spam burgers with fries and beans? Also i think that Justine was let go because she stopped wearing low cut tops and stopped bending over in front of the camera!

    lerm: yes looks like england may snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

  8. chazfh Says:

    BTW lots of people on the web seem to think it was staged….

  9. Domestic Daze Says:

    Like all reality shows, I can’t seem to watch people publicly embarass, humiliate and otherwise belittle themselves on such a large scale.

    It just gets me down.

  10. Food fan Says:

    No, the best cook didn’t win. Poh, Justine and Chris are far better, more talented cooks and I’d buy all their books and eat in their restaurants. Julie should have gone out on her puddle pie, if not than her incomplete Donnay Hay dishes, and if not, be runner up for her thick pastry, stingy chicken dish and onion-is-a-shallot joke! The last week was a huge let down after earning respect from so many viewers. Who wants to buy a book of recipes we all can cook? And to have a last chapter blank to write our own recipes because officeworks’ notebooks won’t cut it. Her cook book idea reflects her dishes – INCOMPLETE!!! Bring on Iron Chef, at least the you know you’re getting drama!

  11. chazfh Says:

    food fan, well said! Saying that my wife thought it was a good idea, but then I cook in our household….

  12. barnesm Says:

    The unfortunate effect is that having drawn an audience of a size that could choke an elephant for a show that is a cheap a format to make as this means that once again taught well scripted drama will not be made by channel 10, rather they will try and recreate the success of this show.

    Damn there inky black hearts.

  13. Retarius Says:

    I was grievously disappointed by the last few episodes. The main irritant was that the judges had seemed to be playing straight…until the obviously contrived elimination of Chris and the woefully-fixed final. It made the Iranian “elections” look good.

    Those guys threw away a lot of professional credibility for whatever Ten paid them.

  14. Abe Says:

    I took so much grief last week for getting upset in a room full of women (1x wife, 1x M-I-L, 2 x S-I-Ls) when Chris lost, suggesting that Julie was a frumpy choker who was punching above her weight (we first met her hubby in the same ep). It was like I had told them all I wished they had cancer.

    She’s quite popular with the middle aged housewives.

  15. chazfh Says:

    Abe, fortunately Marcela didn’t like Julie either so my rants at the TV were for once accepted without the eye-rolling.

    I have a new theory why Justine was voted off..she stopped wearing those low cut tops and so the cameramen couldn’t get those nice cleavage shots when she bent over the work top!!

  16. Dianne Says:

    I am watching the show here in NZ. In view of the fact that Julie won this competition, I cannot for the life of me understand why. I haven’t seen a decent dish from her yet. Mind you there isn’t really anyone shining in this contest. When you have contestants voting off the best what do you expect. Brent, Chris and Tom are the one’s that could of been Masterchef. The rest are just bunnies. NAF. Cry if you want too.

  17. chazfh Says:

    Diane, believe me it doesn’t get any better…..

  18. Dianne Says:

    Chazfh, LOL. OMG We have just had Julie choose the Leg of Lamb for the Invention test. She won the Cup Cake contest. Lordy what they did to that Leg of Lamb was just mutilate it. What is wrong with these judges. Don’t think I would be visiting there Resturants.
    That Julie, is an unbelievable fool Chazth. Aaron has rendered me speechless. I still say HOW ON EARTH did she win. Gawd she could never run a Kitchen. Receipe Book oh NO. She will need to call it Back to Basics.
    Justine is delightful.

  19. Enedina Abare Says:

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  20. paul Says:

    Just watched the final episode in the UK and yes just as dissapointed as you guys. Julie should not have won. Great cook no doubt but would you want her flapping and gittering in your kitchen when cheques are coming in fast and furious, no thanks. Also she was praised on her chocolate sorbet, but would she have been if the guest chef had not tasted it half way through and suggested she does it again, this also happened with the pastry. The best thing to come out of this show is that the truely good chefs from the competition Poh, Chris and especially Justine will become great well known chefs with great careers infront of them, they will earn well more than the £100,000 that Julie got, oh and keep an eye out for Sam aswell good young talent.

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