Some governments have no sense of irony

I had to laugh at the news that the PRC got it’s knickers in a knot because Uigher rights dissident  Rebiya Kadeer had visited Japan

yet again it seems that the CCP see’s those who peacefully call for talks about human rights of minorities being respected, as being some of the greatest terrorist masterminds the world has ever known. However the irony comes in two parts.

Firstly the PRC supports some of the most horrendous governments around eg Sudan, North Korea and Burma.

Secondly for the PRC’s Ambassador to Japan to say “How would the people of Japan feel if a violent crime occurs in Japan and its mastermind is invited by a third country?”. It would seem that he is unaware of the varied violent acts and kidnappings on Japanese soil ordered by their ol mate Kim Jong-il and his pappy, both of whom were always welcome in Beijing..

Talking of hypocrisy amongst those who claim to speak ‘for the people’, my old mate Hugo Chavez is once again showing his balanced and reasoned approach to regional politics by freezing diplomatic relations with Colombia and threatening sanctions. And why has the great champion of the oppressed taking this action? because it seems that the Colombian military and the Swedish government allege that he supplied antitank weaponry to his matesphilosophical comrades in FARC. Yes it seems that Colombia and Sweden’s impertinence knows no bounds and by simply pointing out that these toys (probably Carl Gustavs or AT-4’s) found in a raid on a FARC base, were specifically supplied to Venezuela in the 80’s and that them being found in a FARC base is pretty sus.

Yes you have to feel sorry for poor old Hugo, when he is worrying so much about his mate Zemalya being kicked out of his own country by the government, because they thought he was trying to change the constitution so that he could become El Presidente for Life. Now this slur on his character.

But don’t worry kiddies because in true caudillo style Hugo’s moving his army back to the border, and is ready to seize Colombian owned businesses and property in Venezuela, and stop trade. Such is his hurt that he doesn’t seem to mind that that’ll lose Venezuela nearly 4 billion dollars of much needed exports.

Just wondering when he’ll be supplying his own paramilitaries to help Mr A prop up support in Iran and of course supplying masses of ‘advisors’ to invade..sorry liberate Honduras.


10 Responses to “Some governments have no sense of irony”

  1. Kritdikorn Wongswangpanich Says:

    Well I won’t take PRC’s side because they are not my favorite party but, frankly speaking (typing), I think it is a big misconception when someone easily called other nation-states as ‘terrorists’.

    Of course, I do not think that North Korea or Iran (etc.) has a nice and warmth government regime but how could ‘Western Countries’ such as USA, UK, France, or some other ‘Great Power’ (such as India, China too) have the RIGHT to call the countries such as North Korea or Iran as Terrorists while those states (USA, UK, etc.) also have the biggest quantity of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) or even worse they have also been committing the Global Holocaust!

    With Respect

  2. chazfh Says:

    Kritdikorn, basically western countries have more right that those you’ve mentioned mainly because they are on the whole functioning democracies with more than basic levels of freedom of speech and association.

    No they are not perfect but the are better in the way they act interantionally and internally. As to ‘the global holocaust’ which one is that pray tell?

  3. LERMONTOV Says:

    I’ve a few good ideas re Chavez!

    And I fear that you may be right re the left!

  4. Kritdikorn Wongswangpanich Says:

    Better (democracy) internationally?

    Well, I really am don’t think so. For example, USA (in international stage) is, maybe, the most dictate player at the present time. Without bias, it is not very difficult to tell how dictate USA is. Think of what has happened in Iraq since the Spring, 2003. USA use it very own self to justify ‘the right and wrong’ of the other states, force other states to follow its order. In Iraq’s case not only that USA has begun the war by telling ‘the world’ that Iraq has WMD, but none of them have been found until now. Then it changes its position and tells the world, again and again, that Iraq regime is dictated while USA’s co-worker (in the war against Iraq) is Saudi-Arabia the long time dictated state!

    Not to mention the USA’s standard upon China and Iraq (or Iran), China also contains a lot of WMD and its regime is also hardly be called ‘Democratic’ but why USA’s reaction on China is so (damn) soft compare to Iraq. (And even more cases in the history so far.)

    I think even the Westerners like yourself should admit that ‘on the world stage’, USA’s (and other major powers, no matter it is western or eastern countries) reaction and policy are based on its INTEREST and its LIBERAL CAPITALISM but not for DEMOCRACY! They are willing to live with the dictated states, IF those dictated stated can make them some profit. That’s why the reaction of them upon Saudi-Arabia or United Arab Emirates or China cannot be compared to those such as Burma, Iraq or Iran!

    And that is NOT what I could call ‘(internationally) Democratic’ at all.

    For ‘Global Holocaust’, it is quite a lot so far in the history, for example; cases in the age of imperialism, the nuclear bombing in Japan, cases in Cold War period, etc etc.

    I did not say that Eastern countries are better states at all, Japan or China (etc etc) has done many bad things so far too but I hardly heard that they claim themselves as ‘Global/World Police’ or something like ‘Global DEMOCRATIZER’. This is such an oxymoron you know, when I heard states like USA call itself as democracy spreader while it has a french kiss with some concretely dictated states or dictates the world by itself.

    With Respect

  5. LERMONTOV Says:

    The US’s President is a Democrat – they must be Democratic! j/k!

  6. chazfh Says:

    Kritdikorn, err the bombing of japan happened at the end of a long world struggle against facism, you may have heard that both Japan and German both attacked without provocation many countries 9some of whom they had international treaties with.

    As for the cold war well sorry that was a zero sum game and again it was againa conflict between the liberal democracies and a ruthl;ess regime that ddi not represent the people it oppressed.

    As for the age of imperialism, you can’t compare most current modern states with their actions in the 19th century.

    You got to use true comparitive anaysis when dealign with international relations. the ‘West’ is by no means perfect but it is many times better than it’s detractors. For example i was rerading an article on a russian news service yesterday and it was talking about Russia being threatened by the west. It’s just bollocks. The reason why alot of the world is still poor is due to the actions of their own governments not due a grand conspiracy to keep them down by the West.

  7. Kritdikorn Wongswangpanich Says:

    I didn’t even say a single word that Japan and/or Germany did not do anything wrong, on the other hand I even said that both China, Japan and other major powers have done bad things and also cruel.

    But that did not change the fact that USA is also apart of those Evil Massacres. For the Nuclear case, if you study enough history, you may know that the Japanese condition at that time (before US threw Mr.Fat Man and Mr.Little Boy) is nothing but the loser. USA did not have even a single good reason on that bombing.

    Or even IF we assume that Japanese condition is not that worse. The fact that USA has killed hundreds thousand of CIVILIAN in one second did not change (not to mention the side-effect that had come afterward). Didn’t USA kill the whole lot of CIVILIAN, same as what the German had done to the Polish and Jewish CIVILIAN, same as what the Japanese had done to the Chinese CIVILIAN (in Nankintg Massacre, etc).

    This is the TRUE COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS with whole lot of primary sources and evidences. Or if you think what I have said is not TRUE, USA did not kill (almost) a million of CITIZEN, that USA did not commit the global holocaust. Try to argue with concrete evidence (just like what I have done) academically please, not only some fantasized abstract reasons such as ‘at least the West is better (compare to those dictators)’.

    With Respect

  8. chazfh Says:

    Mr K actually there will always argyuments regaridng the use of atomic weaponary agaisnt the japanese. I myself feel that at the time the ISA had no real choice. In the end the Japanese peopel suffered for the imperialsitc leanings of ttheir rules and the atrocoties commited by the JIA.

    Civilians always die in war history constantly shows us this as it also shows us that as warfare has modernised civilians have more and more got the short end of the stick.

    however you cannot compare the actions during a world conflict with a country in it’s ‘peaceful’ state. take France for example during the fourt and fifth republics it has commited some horrendous human rights violations during it’s colonial wars. but on the whole France is a positive influence on the world’s culture.

    The point is that the wesy is an easy target because as I’ve said before it has made mistakes in the apst and will continue to do so in the future. However it treis to make good on it’s mistakes. Which countries are the first in when there’s a natural disaster? it’s not Russia, Venezeula, cuba or China. it’s the USA, the EU countries and Australia.

    Which countires are the most popular with refugees as a place to restart their lives, becaus they want hope? It’s western countries. In the end it’s because the western democracies offer hope.

    If you want an impirical analysis then the West is always better than ut’s detractors. whether it be citizen ‘happiness’, technologial change, altrusim, human rights. the west always comes out ahead.

    Don’t get me wrong I know how able the western democracies are to inflict great suffering, but their very cultural makeup means that they go to war unwillingly.

  9. LERMONTOV Says:

    I haven’t bothered to read everything – but – if one extra allied life had been lost by not nuking Japan – what purpose would have been served?

  10. Kritdikorn Wongswangpanich Says:

    Be practical.

    If the ‘crime against humanity’ was committed, how could it possibly be in the ‘peaceful state’. No matter it is in ‘war’ or not (in Cambodia, for instant) even it is not really in ‘WAR’ but it also not in the ‘peaceful state’ at all, at least it is the ‘unrest state’ (well, but concerning to my very opinion I still call it WAR).

    And still, I have not yet found any concrete and academic argument from your posts. All of what you have come up is (again) fantasized abstract argument. The French made the positive influence worldwide, so what? Can it compare to the deaths or the crimes the had committed. And how could we know the it really has the ‘positive influence’, how to measure this extreme abstract evidence of yours, while we have the real and concrete evidence that there are deaths and crimes committed.

    And I still do not understand that why you have raised up the French case, is it make anything better? Even we assume that the French case is in the ‘PEACEFUL STATE’ (which I think it is not as I already mentioned), then what is the link(s) with my argument? All of my argument, so far, German Holocaust, Nanking Massacre, USA’s atomic bomb in Japan, these evidences were clearly in the period of war.
    Second World War for German case, Second Sino-Japanese War for Japanese case and (also) Second World War for USA’s case. Thus, how could your ‘peaceful state’ make any differences while what I am arguing are in the state of war?

    Lastly, if you still really think that what the western have done really is for democracy, I suggest you to find more history books to read. Such as the ones written by Robert Cox, Immanuel Wallenstein, etc. These books contain CONCRETE evidences to show you that what the west have done ‘is not for democracy, but for their national interest!

    With Respect

    ps. My apology if some of my language that I have written so far seem too rude or inconvenient for you to read. I’m quite not very good in English, and partially I also from my arguing style.

    This maybe my last post here, because I am terribly tired on speaking with the hard-minded (ultra)conservatives.

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