Someones up for a fight..and for once it’s not the Seppos

These are interesting times. And it seems that some countries have not adjusted to the fact that there has been a change in US foreign policy.

My old mate Hugo Chavez is using every excuse in the book to start a war in Latin America. This time the is using ‘sightings’ of Colombian troops crossing the Orinocco river as signs of an incursion by Colombian troops.

Now one could just laugh it off as posturing after he’d been caught out selling arms to FARC (not really a news item), or is it something deeper.

Colombias recent agreement to host a few more US counter drug personnel and an extra couple of forward bases has really set the cat amongst the pigeons.

There are only three countries really squaking about this: Venezeula, Bolivia and Ecudor. All part of Latin America’s awkward squad. The otehr nations are concerned because of these three doing something stupid. Chavez’s harping on about the ‘winds of war wafting through the region’ don’t help.

Considering Chavez’s links with Iran and an increasingly beliferant Russia. One has to wonder if his regime is being paid to stir up trouble. Another scenario is that he wants to continue his covert support of FARC and more US assets in Colombia will hurt that..the final scenario is he plans to invade liberate Colombia from it’s err democratically elected government and of course the presence of US assets in theatre could mean he gets a slap on the wrist or at least a savage degrading his his military.

On another continent , it’s now a year since Georgia was egged into a war with the Russian Federation. Russia’s subsequent acknoweldgement of South Ossetia and Abkazia as soveriegn nations (soon no doubt to join the RF), refusal to allow UN observers to remain in theatre  and continual attempts at prvooking Georgia seem to have come to a head. With the infamous DDoS attacks on Twitter and Facebook

This should not come as a surpise to anyone, after ‘nationalistic hackers’ from Russia screwed around with Estonia’s websites a few months ago. The bear it seems despite becoming more motheaten  and having brittle claws and teeth still wishes to interfere in it’s neighbours lives. And with Russian officals talking about the ‘threat’ form the West to it’s security you have to wonder how long it will be before we get another land war in Europe.


To follow on that thought there is this article on the BBC

The issue here is not the law itself but the power clique who wish it to become law and how they will potentially use it. Potenitally this could pave the way for black ops in the Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova as well as the baltic states.

Finally this is going to be the most important application yet produced for the iPhone, in fact if a RQ-1 comes free with the package I might sign up for an new iPhone tomorrow..


4 Responses to “Someones up for a fight..and for once it’s not the Seppos”

  1. Moko Says:

    Chavez is probably nervous about the oil. Doesn’t help that he doesn’t like the yanks and that they’re about finished in Iraq. The drug issue might be cause for concern for him too.

  2. Therbs Says:

    Chavez is trying to be the big man in Latin America. That’s the thing with Big Men, they like to to use muscle. If he’s really stupid he will pick a fight with Colombia.

    As for the Russians, they’re trying to rebuild an empire. That oil money has to be spent somewhere, why not shootin’ irons.

  3. chazfh Says:

    Moko, Chavez is probably worrying more about the drop in oil price, this means less money for his pet projects. However it also highlights all the money he’s pissed against the wall in other countries

    Therbs, if he attacks Colombia I’d bet that the yanks will weigh in pretty damned quick making his alleged ‘fears’ a quick reality. Colombia’s pretty much a light/airmobile infantry army but at least is battle hardened. I don’t know the last time the Venezeulan army faced a foreign foe

  4. LERMONTOV Says:

    The Venezeulan Army – hahaha! Would be a hoot!

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