Finally some proper scientific research..

On how to survive the zombipocalypse!!

What is dissapointing is that CSIRO are not at the forefront of this sort of research. I would also like to see more weapons research being done but with the introduction of Remingtons 6.8 SPC maybe this has already been done.

However there are added threats coming our way.


4 Responses to “Finally some proper scientific research..”

  1. barnesm Says:

    ““impulsive eradication.”

    not quarantine, not treatment

    “impulsive eradication., violent, bloody “impulsive eradication.”

    I love that. I think I am going to walk around just saying that when people ask nmy advice

    “impulsive eradication.”

    It will work on the robots too.

  2. Dr Yobbo Says:

    Sounds like a good plot for one of those f**king annoying ‘Impulse’ girlie deodorant ads. ‘Women love men who act on Impulse. And blow the heads off marauding zombies with sawn off 12-gauge shotties.’

  3. Therbs Says:

    It all adds up to me. Allowing those robots to control each other can only lead to one thing. Dirty rotten machines need blowing up. Maybe the maths geeks should do some modelling on how to combat the Rise of the Machines.

  4. bangarrr Says:

    I can see it now, as the zombies rise we release the robots to deal with them and start the next conflict.

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